Except for minitrucks, the word minitrucker is probably most closely associated with "can't leave anything stock."

We don't care if it's our grandma's station wagon, we will find a way to lower it if we're borrowing it for the weekend. We modify our trucks, cars, bikes, radio flyers, shopping carts, mailboxes, it doesn't matter; you name it and we will find a way to customize it!

The same goes for our houses. The space we live in is no where near safe from our custom and creative touch. Besides for our cars, and work, we spend the most time in our house and/or garage, and for this to even be tolerable, we will find a way of tweaking our surroundings to match our own unique styles and tastes.

When you have a little down time from working on your rides, or if you're just bored and want to bring a little life to your house, apartment, room, garage, or bathroom, check out some of these pimped out ideas, and don't be afraid to get creative! For some cool ideas, gear, or art for your pad, visit the websites listed in the Source box.

Let's start in the garage because that's where we generally spend our free time. With a little work and organization you could turn your home garage into something you're proud to park or work on your truck in. The goal would be to transform the usual messy "storage" garage, shown here in pic 1, into a clean minitrucker-friendly garage like the ones in pic 2, and Pic 3.

Game Rooms
Game rooms are a staple of entertaining and enjoying your time spent at home. Whether it's a pool table, custom Japanese themed beer pong room, or a poker room, they all have one thing in common-fun! If air hockey, or foosball is your gig, then go out and hunt for the right game to bring your pad to life.

Closets & Bathrooms
Closet and garage doors are probably the most common places to utilize all those stickers you've been saving up since you already plastered your toolbox and fridge. Walkin' through the tagged up, stickered closet door you'll probably need a ton of room for all your black shirts since they can't touch the other colored shirts in your closet or they will spontaneously combust. Last but not least, your throne cannot remain stock! This is your only warning; how the heck can you read your favorite mag in a boring stock bathroom? Get this one fixed first, then go back through the list and see what you want to do next! And most importantly, just have fun.

The Bar
Some of us enjoy the occasional beer with a few buddies, and what's better than to do it the completely responsible way, and in the comfort of your own home? No need for a designated driver, just let your boy crash on your couch after you drink your own bar dry.

Accessories & Art
Art is all around us, so what better way to customize and personalize your pad then to display art, graffiti, or something that you just really dig, as part of your interior decorations. As minitruckers, most of us probably aren't interior design majors, but you really can't go wrong with some kickass art and a cool frame to show it off. Whether you have your buddy come tag up your garage walls, or checkout some of the websites listed, there's plenty of ways to get creative with your wall space.