Ahhh, the holidays are here. Even though you won't be reading this until February, I'm just now burning off the extra turkey pounds from Thanksgiving, and like many of you, I'm looking into my empty wallet dreading Christmas time.

Yes, this is definitely going to be a weird Christmas with this economical state we find ourselves facing. But, like always, I'm looking towards the brighter side of things.

We're all hurting, as many are out of jobs, and more cutbacks are inevitable. We've all read about it or seen that the financial institutes of our nation are slow to lend and quick to take, but this doesn't have to mean that this Christmas we can't spread a little joy. So even though this message will reach you all after the holidays, I hope that you are able to do what I'm going to do, and go out and lend a hand! Give a toy to the needy kids at the toy drive or go out and volunteer at your local shelter. Just because we are all strapped, doesn't mean we can't help.

Ever since I was about four years old, Christmas has always been a special time for me, as my Mom instilled joy and giving in my life year after year. With her gone, it still brings a huge smile to my face remembering all the Christmases we shared! My family has shown me over the years, that just being together during the holidays is what makes them special, not the gifts you receive. So don't be a Scrooge! Go out and spend valuable time with your friends and family, and even if you just make them a card, or something special and creative, they will enjoy it because it's from you!

Even the Grinch and Scrooge couldn't help but be affected by all the joy the holidays bring out. Happiness is about family and friends and it is truly contagious. So, don't spread negativity or financial stress this time of year, go out and spread joy. Both you and the people around you will be happy you did! Aight, enough of this mushy stuff, please Drag Thru! -L88888888888888