Everything I said last month you can take and throw right out the window. Well, not the part about having fun.

Last month, I wrote about how I was not going to let the stress or the lack of time get to me. It was all going well, I really thought that this year was going to be different. However, that all changed the week before SEMA.

The first big problem that came up was slow shipping. It took over a week for the parts for Average Joe to arrive even though they were scheduled for two day shipping. I thought that the carrier was intentionally holding out on me to see if I was going to have a coronary. By the time Thursday rolled around, I was about to, but Mike called me and told me the parts arrived. The next major issue was the wheels for the duallie. The wheels we ordered were not going to be ready in time and there was nothing that could be done to change this fact. So after a lot of phone calls were made, we were able to track down a brand- new set of 22-inch diesel wheels. My blood pressure and stress levels hit the roof when the tires were being mounted and the back ring of the rim blew off with such force it could have killed someone. The third problem was time, which we were running out of very quickly. But hey, it wouldn't be SEMA if it was any other way, right?

But here we are, the trucks made it to SEMA in their respective booths, no one was killed, the wrench was smaller, and weeding out sponsor stickers when you're exhausted is not a smart idea. So, what will I walk away gaining? Better friendships, knowledge of the right way to install a stereo system, and the fact that I am not going to build another SEMA project ever again. I don't think my blood pressure or liver can handle it.

Until next month...Peace Out