You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again. I won't be the first to say it, and I definitely won't be the last; but SEMA sucks! Haha, no not the show, or the organization, or the after parties; but the weeks before SEMA known to the industry as crunch time, those weeks suck!

All nighters, Monster cans and pizza boxes stacked to the ceiling, problem parts, problem people, problems, problems, problems! That's the word that can clutter the few weeks before SEMA.

But another word that should be focused on much more often; friendships. Friendships are formed and solidified when you spend a few all nighters getting to know one another. Friendships are built knowing that you can rely on someone to keep a promise. Friends really go above and beyond during this time period, and it humbles me year after year to see the guys that, no matter what, are with you until the end! They don't give it 100 percent, they give it 120 percent. Every single year, many of the same builders, companies, and friends all come together and do the impossible; and every year we say we'll never do it again haha! But somehow, someway, despite the pressure, the deadlines, and the bright green neon urine from 10 cans of Monster a day, we all know, this is what we live for!

I haven't had the opportunity to bring my own vehicle to SEMA just yet, but I was fortunate enough to lend a hand to some great guys. Working on the magazine day in and day out, doesn't give me as much free time as it used to, so I haven't been able to work on much of my own lately. I've been kind of bummed and pinching pennies to save up and start on my 'Yota soon. When I heard that my buddy Eddy Cebreco's truck was headed to SEMA I wanted to pitch in and help out as much as I could. A tight group of about four or five guys from Dragger's Inc. and Go Ez all came together to build what is nothing short of a miracle. I saw a (no offense Eddy) junk truck go from scrap metal to cover truck in less than a month's time! It was truly a feat and everyone involved really stepped up to make it happen. A sincere thanks goes out to all of you builders, enthusiasts, and companies that keep doing the impossible! From the bottom of my heart, You Are The Reason I Love This Sport! See you next year, Please drag thru. -L888888888888