After last year, I swore to myself that I would never, and I mean never, put myself in that type of hard spot again.

You see, last year I thought it would be great to build a project truck for SEMA. I had it all planned: where the truck was going on what day, the times parts were going to arrive, everything was planned out. Once I was done marking all the dates and times on the calendar, I should have chucked it out the window. Not one damn thing went according to plan. I was so stressed out because I was missing the timeline that I had given myself.

We have all heard the nightmare stories about the last-minute rush to finish a truck for SEMA. Before I knew it, there I was in that last-minute crunch trying to get my Colorado finished. All the sleepless nights, the tons of hours worked by friends and myself while trying to balance my edit schedule; it was a flat out nightmare. Was it all worth it? Hell yea, it was worth it! The feeling of accomplishment seems to wipe away the memories of falling asleep on the shop floor while tightening up a bolt and the wrench smacking you right in the face.

So why am I talking about all this? Well, I have put myself back in the same position again this year. As I write this there are only three weeks until SEMA, and I have three builds that I am a part of. But this year I am taking a different approach to the whole situation. Forget the timetable this year, because that crap doesn't work, and I refuse to stress myself out again. I know there is going to be the same sleepless nights, and falling asleep on the shop floor. I just hope the wrench that hits me is smaller this time, because it hurt the last time, a lot. Most of all, I want to have fun. That is why we do this, right?

My buddies Jeff and Todd are all about having fun, and to get ready for the SEMA crunch we have all been working long hours, tuning up for the sleepless nights that it is going to take to get the projects done. Jeff has been building a rat rod, and at the last minute, decided to take it to Blood Drag. So Jeff and Todd were thrashing on it to get to a state where it was bolted together and could make the trip. On the other side of the shop, my boy Erik was swapping out the 24s and putting on a set of 26-inch wheels on his body-dropped Dodge and the 24s were just sitting there. In a moment of delirium, Jeff asked what bolt pattern the wheels were, and it was all down hill from there. On went the 24s, and the only door it had was taken off and reconfigured to look like a lambo door. We were all beat up, tired, and wanted to call it a day. But that one moment of slapstick humor made the rest of the night that much better.

Just have fun, no matter what pinch you might be in, unless a judge is about to give you jail time for draggin' you truck, then it would be OK to stress...

Until next month,

Peace out