Over the last few years it has seemed that local cruise nights, small-town shows, and club meetings and gatherings have all dwindled a bit, in favor of everyone getting together at the big-name shows. This might be a cost-saving factor, because as most things come full circle, we have taken a recent economic hit nationwide. It seems you can't turn on the TV, log onto the net, or even over hear a cell phone conversation that doesn't have something to do with the impending doom of the world and the rough economic state that has hit our country fairly hard. Most people say that the high gas prices, war in Iraq, and the insane housing market are all to blame.

Yes, that's all had an impact on our daily lives. But as in most things, I've tried to remain positive and not let it affect my everyday life. Sure, I might pack a lunch or hit the dollar menu to save a few bucks, but I definitely don't just want to sit at home and take it "lying down." So, what can we do as a collective group of enthusiasts? Well, it all starts locally! We need to get out and support each other! If we keep our motivations high and help each other work on our trucks, hit up the local cruises, and just genuinely keep enjoying our scene, then nobody can ever take that away from us! Not Uncle Sam, not the negative news that seems to be the only thing on TV, nobody.

Sure, times are a littler rougher for all of us as of late. But that's all the more reason to get out of the house and hit up your local cruise night! Save up, and plan a big trip to a big show ahead of time. Put some money aside and budget a few mods to your rides here and there. And make sure to go out and buy the magazine every single month! This is the only way that we'll all be able to get through these slow times and ensure that what we know and love will be here for the next generation! Please go out and support the scene in every way you can, and I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support. Please Drag Thru -L888888888