As Mike and I gear up for another year, I can't help but to look back at this last year and smile. I say that for a couple reasons. First off, I was given the opportunity to join Mini Truckin'. It means a lot to me because I have been reading this magazine since it started, and now here I am writing articles and photographing the baddest minitrucks on the planet. The second reason is what my column is about this month. It is about saying thank you to all the show promoters, that in spite of the soft economy, found a way to make their show happen. Also, all the guys and girls that somehow found the money to pay the outrageous gas prices in order to make the drive to support the shows, thank you. To everyone that spent countless hours staying up all night for a week to finish that one last mod before the show and still found a way to make it to work every morning, thank you. And I can't forget the friends that cruise over to lend a hand turning wrenches and walks through the door with a 12-pack. You guys and girls are the reason this sport is so awesome. If it was not for you, there wouldn't be the sport of minitruckin' and in turn there wouldn't be Mini Truckin' magazine. I look forward to the upcoming show season where I plan on making new friends and hanging out with my friends that I have already made.

Till next month,

Peace Out