Why are we letting this happen to our scene? I remember the days when river runs were held at a nice place like La Paz Co. park; a really nice park that was right on the river with green grass and smooth asphalt roads. During the day, most everything was cool, but as soon as the drinking started it got so bad that I would sit on top of the cabanas and watch the madness ensue. I remember one time the fighting got so out of hand that a riot team was brought in to break it all up. On Sunday mornings, the campground would look like a rock concert had moved through the place and destroyed everything. Eventually the powers that be wouldn't let us come back to the park, so like locusts, we would move on to the next camp ground and destroy it too. Lately, it has gotten so bad that show promoters can't afford to rent nice venues anymore and are forced to book dirt lots on the outskirts of town. Why do you guys (you know who you are) insist on destroying everything? Is there something in your DNA that drives you to trash anything that isn't yours? What about the poor guy that was renting out golf carts at the Havoc show in Kentucky and a bunch of his carts got destroyed? No one would take any responsibility for it, but I'm sure that everyone involved is quite proud that they did it and has bragged about it since on MySpace. Was there any reason to ruin that guy's business? What if that was your dad trying to make a few bucks on the weekend? He has been renting them out at hot rod shows with no issues, but lucky for him we got to demonstrate just how thoughtful minitruckers could be... Thanks guys, good to have you with us! Is there any wonder why they won't allow minitrucks at any of the hot rod shows? Recently at one of the shows back east, the Source Interlink brass was walking around checking things out and they were pretty disappointed how some of you guys were acting. With a demonstration like that, why would they want to continue throwing some of the best shows that we have left, catering to the true hardcore minitrucker, if people are just going to destroy everything and act like animals ultimately costing them thousands of dollars in damage to the venue? It doesn't stop there either. There are only a few minitruck community sites out there for us to network through and it never fails that they get used for bashing and talking as much crap as possible. I have made so many friends on StreetSource.com and yet everyday I hear from someone else that won't ever go on the site again because of the drama. The moderators have a hard time doing their jobs because there is no real way to enforce the rules besides kicking the offending person off the site. That doesn't strike fear in anyone's heart, especially a keyboard-commando that is just trying to stir things up.

The minitruck industry as a whole is already struggling to exist, shows are minimal, and it doesn't seem that anyone cares anymore. There will always be awesome trucks being built and truck clubs to carry on the minitruck lifestyle, but do we really want to be viewed as the locusts of the automotive industry? Minitruckers are already viewed as outsiders, but it doesn't need to be in a bad way. How about we make a conscious effort to clean up our image. What if from now on, you all treat a show venue as if it were your own backyard, and prove to the world that we are mature enough to have a show at a nice location again? Don't you want your kids to enjoy the show scene as it once was, before the Jack Ass movement? I do. I regale Sarra with stories of Spring Splash and Endless Summer; shows that I would bust my ass trying to take something special to. However, I fear that those days are gone, especially if we stay on the path that we are currently on today. Now, I don't think that for one second that I alone can change the scene for the better, but if all of you who still care put a stop to the idiots that are killing the scene by tipping over porta-potties or trashing someone's golf carts, there is a chance we can fix it...

...So how many of you still care?

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