Josh Fleetwood - MT Freelancer
Relaxed Atmosphere

Well the same reason I joined this club is the same reason I am voting for Relaxed Atmosphere for club of the year. The members are great people; it's just like having another family. Not only are they at all the shows no matter how big or small, but they also give back to the minitruckin' community by putting on two major shows during the year and are looking to add a third one next year. As far as the quality of the clubs rides goes, what else can you say, their not the "Nations Finest" for nothing, you almost can't pick up an issue with out seeing one of their trucks in it.

Phil Fowler - MT Freelancer
Cali Style

I chose Cali Style this year because they have got to be the coolest crew I interact with here on the East Coast. When you think of a family, these guys are it. Whether its helping a friend when he is down, or helping each other on their trucks, you can count on these guys! They also throw a toy drive in the off season to benefit a bunch of families. Not to mention their trucks are enough to make you happy in the pants! When they're new rides debut, mark my words, there will be a bucket near each one of them to collect the drool! It's hard to pick a club for this award so keep it up Cali Style, you're a cool ass crew and I'm glad to know you.

Joe Greeves - MT Freelancer
Mini Madness

One of the oldest clubs in Florida continues to produce the longest running and largest club-sponsored event in the state, Slamfest. The club, with its membership mix of experience and youthful vitality, always pulls together as a group, and they are tireless when it comes to putting on a first class show. Active in the community, the club donates part of the proceeds from their annual event to charity.

Jennie Hendrex
No Regrets

These guys came out like the Mob in 2008 and I was rather frightened; they were everywhere! They were at every show I was at and they rolled in deep and brought out the kind of quality trucks that will bring a tear to your eye. Keep it up fellas!

John Jackson - MT Freelancer
Damage Inc

It's always been my thing every year to vote for the little guy, but also a club that you see at every show that shows up to support the scene. This year is no exception, and my vote goes to the guys at Damage Inc. because they roll some really clean trucks, and roll deep to a lot of Texas shows. Look for more out of these guys in truck magazines everywhere.

Johnny O - MT Freelancer
No Regrets

I remember when NR was just a small SoCal. club, dotting the show scene with their trademark star on the back window. Now the club has grown to an international success with chapters in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. These guys embrace all things minitruckin', from old school style to new trends, and come in force to support local shows and the scene world wide.

Best Of 2008 Winners


This year's best of the best goes to Christopher "Eli" Griffin's '92 Mazda B2200 for it's classic styling cues, mixed with the modern minitruck. This year's votes were close with a few runner ups, including the amazingly detailed Toyota from Japan, Patrick's sick Ranger, and Kyle's homebuilt 'Yota.

Relaxed Atmosphere All Star Event truly hits "All Star" status! Congrats for putting on one of the highest quality shows we've ever seen. Keep up the great work; you know we'll be back year after year.

Officially joining the ranks of "the big three" we can welcome No Regrets to the table! Not only was it the first year that NR had more than one cover truck, but they also broke Severed Ties "Lowest Club" nine-year streak at the Forbidden Fantasy show. Congratulations guys on a job well done, we look forward to the friendly competition! You guys truly deserve this honor for your years of hardcore support for the scene. We know there are many more years, and many more amazing rides to come. See you at the shows world wide!