2008 Show Of The Year

Mike Alexander - MT Editor
Havoc Kentucky
Bowling Green, KY

As the work load of running the magazine keeps me in the office more than I would like, I wasn't able to get to as many shows as I had hoped to attend in 2008. Scrapin' The Coast was amazing and definitely deserved the Show of the Year trophy they received last year, much props to Greg and his crew. This year, the HAVOC show tour is really leading the way when it comes to an all truck show. HAVOC added a new stop on the HAVOC tour in Fresno and the show was killer, with on-site tattooing. This year the Kentucky show in Bowling Green was amazing! The quality is insane, with feature and cover trucks everywhere you look. I look forward to seeing what this show brings us next year!

Galen Armenta - MT Associate Editor
Forbidden Fantasy Show and Shine
Perris, CA

I know that I might catch a few emails as to why I chose this show. If you don't know, I have been a member of Forbidden since '98 and have been a part of this show for all 11 years. The attendance for the last eight years has been more than 700 vehicles, and over 10,000 people. The show pulls vehicles from as far North as Canada and from Texas in the East; not to mention people fly in for this show from all over the country to attend one of California's largest shows.

Chris Pasley - MT Art Director
Midwest Camp 'N Drag
Waveland, IN

Being an Art Director, I spend most of my time...wait all of my time, here in the office trying to create the best Mini Truck magazine on the shelves every month. Unfortunately, I don't get to travel to shows like I used too. This year I was only able to make it to a handful of shows and the one that stands out the most was Midwest Camp 'N Drag in Waveland, Indiana. Although it was a first year show and quite small, it brought me back to my roots of small shows where it all began. This show brought West Coast style and Midwest hospitality to this small town and there were no complaints from show-goers and residents alike who enjoyed the whole weekend. This show is definitely on it's way to being one of the great shows of the Midwest.

Ernie Macias - MT Freelancer
Relaxed Atmosphere All Star Event
Millington, TN

When it comes to shows it's always hard to pick just one, but the RA show this year brought it! With unprecedented quality, this show really is a must not miss!

Joel Sadenwasser - 2007 Truck of the Year Winner
Blythe, CA

As this show was held after last year's votes were cast, and even though it was one for the record books and still tied for Show of the Year 2007, I had to vote for it again this year (yes, it was that good)! As the Grandfather of all truck runs came to an end, we were all saddened. It was a weekend full of amazing rides, friends, very little sleep, and memories that will last a life time. Thanks again Bob Hase and the Sunset crew!

Brandon Burrell
Slammin' & Jammin'
Lebanon, TN

This year's event was laid back, yet still packed with plenty of fresh feature worthy rides. There were plenty of things to do and see and I actually shot more features at this show than I ever have before. That alone shows the quality of rides attending this event.

Justin Cross - MT Freelancer
Scrapin' The Coast
Biloxi, MS

The guys putting on this show are putting it on for the love of the game, pure and simple. They are constantly looking to improve it and they bring it new and improved every single year.

Josh Fleetwood - MT Freelancer
Relaxed Atmosphere's All Star Event
Millington, TN

It may not be the largest show that I attended this year but the quality of the Relaxed Atmosphere's All Star Event is what makes it such a great show. Everything about the show is amazing; the trucks, the vendors, the club games, the night time festivities, and of course what really makes this show, are all the people that come from all over the country! This show is becoming the show that everyone looks forward to close out their summer of truck shows.

Phil Fowler - MT Freelancer
Concord, NC

Because this show is just awesome, you couldn't ask for a better crew than Pebble Pushers to put on a show. The location is cool and it attracts a lot of quality rides! I would recommend everyone mark their calendar for this one, it's not one to miss! Keep up the good work Pebble Pushers.

Joe Greeves - MT Freelancer
Southeast Showdown 2008
Anderson, SC

Jon's slogan is: "Great rides, good times, and good friends, in a laid back atmosphere." His goal of "Reuniting the show scene for what really matters" says it all. In addition, his idea of a $1,000 cash prize for the Best Debuting Truck ensures there is always something new and exciting to photograph.