Jennie Hendrex - MT Freelancer
Pandemonium 2008
Buhlow Lake, LA

On-site camping, awesome location, slip-n-slides, awesome friends, partying and dragging without cops, go-karting; simply put, it was Pandemonium! Hands down it was the best time I had working in 2008. And it was for a great cause too. If you only make one show in 2009, this is the one to be at; promoter BJ "Burley" Mills really knocked this one out of the park!

John Jackson - MT Freelancer
Southeast Showdown 2008
Anderson, SC

This year Southeast Showdown went head to head with two other shows and it still pulled big numbers, quality rides, and on top of that the promoter, Jon Fulmer had a heart attack that he is still recovering from. This show has proven to be a great show year after year with cash payouts for best debuting ride (this year's winner was Jamie Tiffany's D-50) and a trophy for sportsmanship called the Fallen Brother's trophy that goes to someone who is in the scene for all the right reasons, which went to the crew from Driveway Werks.

Johnny O - MT Freelancer
Relaxed Atmosphere All Star Event
Millington, TN

Quality, quality, quality! Enough said!

2008 Club Of The Year

Mike Alexander - MT Editor
No Regrets

Friends or not, this is by far one of the best clubs out there today! This year was the very first year that the NR crew scored more than one cover shoot, and they were at every single show representing in a major way. Their "no drama" and family environment is what minitruckin' is all about. These guys are truly great people, amazing friends, and minitruckers through and through.

Galen Armenta - MT Associate Editor
Relaxed Atmosphere

There are so many great clubs that could be considered for this award and I have many friends in a number of these clubs. But I weighed all the pros of each, and RA had a few more than other clubs I had in mind. In addition to the two cover trucks this year, the club also threw two shows this year; The All Star Event and Relaxin' In SoCal, with talk of a third show for the '09 year. Finally, the support. I have witnessed so many RA members attend shows where they have had to catch a flight or drive for days to go to.

Chris Pasley - MT Art Director
No Regrets

No Regrets has grown to be one of the great clubs in our scene today. They roll hard to shows and live minitrucks day in and day out. No Regrets has grown to be worldwide having chapters in Australia, Japan, and even New Zealand. In fact, what most people don't know about NR is that they had a Japan chapter before most of their other chapters. NR also stepped up this year with two cover trucks, which is a first for the club. This club has grown significantly in its eight years and deserves to be recognized for it's hard work and dedication.

Joel Sadenwasser - 2007 Truck of the Year Winner
No Regrets

After moving next door to Ernie Macias, I knew right away that these guys are an amazing group of friends and minitruckers. Even though I'm a member of another club they welcomed me with open arms at all their parties and meets. There's no drama with these dudes and they all really help push each other and help with everyone's rides.

Brandon Burrell - MT Freelancer
Relaxed Atmosphere

They have made a big impression at all the shows I've attended in 2008. They seem to be coming out with not only new rides, but cover quality rides that are top notch every single year.

Justin Cross - MT Freelancer

It's still, and always has been, one of the best clubs out there. They're super friendly, they always bring clean rides, and are always a blast to hang with.