What the heck happened to 2008! It's already here and gone? Well, not technically, but once this issue hits stands it will already be November, going on December. So 2009 is right around the corner... For some reason I always thought time would slow down a bit as I got older. Boy was I wrong! The older I get, each year seems to pass quicker; it's actually kinda scary!

Well every new year brings a new set of challenges, so rather than talking about the challenges of the future, let's just soak up all the great trucks that came our way in 2008!

As always there were tons of insane, breath taking minis that premiered on our 2008 covers for the world to see. The level of feature and cover trucks really pushes the limits every year, and we never know what a new year will bring! Since 2008 was Mini Truckin' magazine's 20-year anniversary we brought back some history making minitrucks including "Last Look", "Time Machine", and "SideShow" to help us celebrate. We also got to see one of the world's cleanest trucks ever built, with the addition of the Toyota from Japan! Some of the other noteworthy covers include Chico's completely rebuilt Frontier, and Kyle's homebuilt 'Yota. Zach and his boys helped give us one of the coolest under construction cover trucks, and Eli's Mazda and Patrick's orange Ranger showed us that classic hot rod styling cues are still winners. Overall this has been one amazing year for trucks! Make sure to check out page 78 to see who took home the braggin' rights and the super cool airbagit.com trophies for the 2008 Mini Truckin' best ofs.

Well with 2009 comes a "new era of minitruckin" as the economy has forced us all to rethink where our precious benjamins are spent. You'll be seeing a lot more "back to the basics" with static dropped, gas saving minitrucks. Now is the best time to go out and pick up a minitruck; it'll save you on gas, and you can have fun tinkering on it little by little. But whatever you do, make sure to go out and buy the magazine and tell your friends to do the same. You'll be glad you did! -L888888888