Q. What is Darth Vader's REAL name?

A: A Star Wars question for me? Anakin Skywalker.

Q. We heard you were spotted at a Star Wars convention but figured you were way too cool for that . . . hahaha. Can you explain to the readers just how deep this fascination burrows?

A: I started my tattoo sleeves of all Star Wars characters; you tell me.

Q. Tell us about the Toyota trucks you have completed

A: Two'86s that I sold, a '96 Tacoma that I sold, and my 10 year nightmare is almost over on the '93.

Q. How does it feel to have the reins of one of the biggest car shows in Florida?

A: I had the reins of the second biggest show in FL (second to Slamfest) for about five years and it was good. I learned a lot, but moving to California and producing shows on a national level is a whole new world.

Q. So if we looked at your passport, under "Ethnicity" what would it say? Most people mistake you for many different races, what are you really?

A: Puerto Rican.

Q. Any projects in the works right now you would like to share? Don't worry, we wont tell anyone haha!

A: The rebirth of my yellow Toyota coming your way in this very magazine and a '67 C10 in Sport Truck magazine.

Q. Who would win in a battle to the death? Stewie Griffin or Bart Simpson? We heard you like these guys quite a bit too, so we figured we'd test your loyalty a bit. Yeah one uses a slingshot and the other a death ray, but we would hate to meet up with either in a dark alley.

A: Oh man, Stewie of course. Bart is what, 27 years old now?

Q. Tell us a little about your truck club ventures.

A: Previously I ran East Coast Xtreme Lowz but that went sour so I took a year off to focus on work. Now, I'm currently petitioning No Regrets. There are so many clubs that have drama and a lot of members talk bad about other members, but from the day I moved to Cali in September of '05 no one in NR talks bad about another member. There are tons of clubs that claim "family" but I have never truly witnessed it until No Regrets.

Q. You've run a lot of successful car shows. What kind of quick advice can you offer to someone wanting to try it out for themselves?

A: Do it for the love of the sport, because there's definitely no money or sleep, and it's a lot of headaches!

Q. Anything else you'd like to mention, or any last words?

A: Go out and support HAVOC and all the other shows out there that are put on for you guys, and stop breaking stuff! Make sure to check out myspace.com/Blooddrag for details on the Cali show this month. Also checkout myspace.com/draggersinc, myspace.com/goez, Garageinsidertv.com, and minitruckinweb.com for updates on my Toyota.