Hello, and welcome to another jam packed edition of The Hot Seat. In case you missed last month's story, each month we take a person that has been a vital part, a mentor, or made some significant impact in the scene, and expose him or her to make them blush for your reading enjoyment.

So sit back, light a match, do a courtesy flush, and enjoy this months' installment.

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This month, we bring you Eddy Cebreco of Blooddrag and HAVOC. If you don't know him yet, you're about to know it all!

The Basics
Full Name:
Eddy Cebreco
Age: 34 (in minitruckers years, that's like 94!)
Place of birth: Bronx, NY
Current residence: Anaheim, CA
Daily driver: '07 Dodge Crew Cab Diesel
Who are you?: I am Eddy Cebreco and I am the one and only owner of The Blooddrag Show, and the event producer for the HAVOC shows

Q. What is in your Toilet Tower/Lavatory Library? Be honest, not the obvious ones like Mini Truckin', we want to know about the US Weekly, the Better Homes & Gardens, and the Luscious Large Woman mags.

A: None, honestly that's the only time I have to relax!

Q. Tell us something people don't know about you or would be very surprised to hear?

A: I did TV and Radio for five years in Florida. In high school, I was on the racquet ball team, and I played tenor saxophone for 3 years. I also love to watch tennis.

Q. Do you have any tattoos you regret? If so, what is it, why do you regret it, and can we see it?

A: My old club logo tattoo, I don't regret it, I just voided it out.

Q. Do you consider yourself "regular"?

A: NO, I'm not at all right in the head.

Q. What is your favorite show of all time?

A: Slamfest for sure. I grew up at that show with Big John and Local Minis.

Q. What got you into the scene?

A: My brother had a '86 Toyota, so I bought one in '91.

Q. What is your personal opinion on the current state of the scene with us losing so many shows lately? Why do you think that is? Can it be repaired?

A: I just had this talk with TC from Slamfest this afternoon as I was driving through Memphis headed back from HAVOC Kentucky. It's sad because in the 90s we'd be up at 5 a.m. in line for Slamfest to get registered. Now, people are just getting in from drinking at 5 a.m. We were proud to show our trucks; now it's cool to be drunk and destroy property. You guys all ask what's the reason shows are disappearing? Well look in the mirror guys, are you part of the problem or the solution? Repaired, I don't know; make shows 21 and over, no primer. I really don't know, but it is the younger guys doing this. The more partyin' and destroying property, the less shows are allowed back, it's a vicious cycle.

Q. We have heard you have a chip on your shoulder the size of Montana. Can you confirm or deny this claim?

A: I don't really have a chip, I'm just surrounded by a bunch of sensitive cry babies all the time.