Few things matter more in the custom-truck industry than the close group of friends that you have bonded with over the years. In most cases, this tight-knit group of buds is your truck club. You build, clean, show, meet, and hang out together, year after year. Well, here at Mini Truckin', we've decided to give you a little more club coverage, as you can see in the last issue where we featured two major clubs. Don't worry, we're not stopping at the major clubs, either! We want you and your buddies to snap some group shots of your crew and send them our way. And if the pics and info are good enough, you might just see your faces in an upcoming issue.

There's no club too large or small. What matters is what you, as an individual, prefer. Some people like small, tight groups of just friends with no other chapters and a family atmosphere. Others prefer the large chapter clubs to meet new friends in states across the country. So, the reason for joining a club is different for each person. The reason why I joined Severed Ties a few years back was because I've always admired the high-caliber rides mixed with some of the coolest people around. I met a few of the guys and was hooked. But here's where some people have a misunderstanding about clubs, magazines, and the "it's who you know" crap.

You see, the way it actually works is I'm much harder on my fellow club members when we shoot a truck. It's actually harder for them to get featured. So why do you see so many high-caliber "big club" rides in this magazine and others? Well, that's a simple math equation. The caliber of your ride has to be a little higher to join these bigger clubs and with some clubs reaching more than 250 members, most shows in most states have a few feature trucks from these bigger clubs every single year. But don't think that we don't love to find that one gem of a truck that's from a small-town club, or from no club at all that's sitting in a sea of normal rides!

There's nothing we love more than stumbling upon a father and son project, built at home, and in some state where most people have never seen a 'bagged truck. But either way, we cater to all! Don't be afraid to go out and rep your crew, because that's what club pride is all about. If you're not proud of your own group, who should be?

So, send pics of your crew and your crew's rides to mini.truckin@sourceinterlink.com and who knows, you might be the next big club.