When you think of any big clubs across the country, or around the world for that matter, the word "chapters" usually comes to mind. However, with Pebble Pushers, that word doesn't exist in its vocabulary. Even though there have been multiple requests throughout the years, the group has opted to stay "one club, one chapter." This close-knit club out of Charlotte, North Carolina, has made it a point to get the recognition they deserve.

Over the past 14 years, the club has had numerous full features, and several Construction Zone features, as well. One of the reasons for keeping the club one chapter is the fact that they still have club meetings and functions where everyone attends. This not only makes the members friends, but more of a family. Everyone knows everyone else and is always down to help one another. With some of the larger-chapter clubs, you could run into someone at a show with your club shirt or jacket, and not even know them or where they're from, but with P.P. that's never the case. To date, Pebble Pushers is the smallest club (calculated in total membership numbers) to win Mini Truckin' Club of the Year.

An interesting aspect of this club is that when it comes to rolling to a show, you can expect to see a convoy of rides. They have been seen at shows everywhere from New Jersey to Texas Heatwave. Even though Texas is more than a 24-hour drive, they were still down to make the trip, just to show the world what P.P. had to offer to the scene. They are also down to stop on a way to or from a show to help out fellow minitruckers in need. One of the things Pebble Pushers has become known for is the show they have been hosting for several years now, Scr8pfest.

This will mark the 11th year of P.P. hosting Scr8pfest, and they still continue to bring out some of the East Coast heavy hitters. They have even drawn in attendees all the way from Canada.

Give us a brief history of why the club began:
A few of us were not really feeling any of the other clubs in the area, so we decided to do our own thing. We were at Myrtle Beach Madness show in '94 and made the final decision to start Pebble Pushers; we never looked back, and have been going strong ever since.

Do you have rules or examples of what it takes to join?
Vehicle requirements: All vehicles must be clean and presentable at all shows, cruise nights, and any and all functions. Vehicles must be of P.P. standards and remain within said standards at all times, as well as representing the club to its fullest potential. All qualifying vehicles must display the full club logo (front and rear with the color of the oval and word "Pushers" being white and "Pebble" of individual color choice) at all times. The vehicle must be lowered and have custom wheels, unless approved otherwise. No primer unless custom body modifications are being performed. It must have a minimum of three mods, in which wheels and lowered do not count.

Member requirements: The member requirements are as important-if not more important than the vehicle requirements. Upon completion of the P.P. application, the individual must attend three consecutive meetings and be approved before a club logo can be received. All members must respect the name Pebble Pushers and all of its affiliates. Members must not disrespect the club name, any of its members, or anyone else associated with P.P. in any form at any time. Individuals must not have any conflict with existing members, or with any other club and/or its members in the show scene. Membership dues must be kept up to date and club meetings must be attended. If an absence is necessary, it is the member's responsibility to contact the current attendance representative.

Website and Information: pebblepushers.com

Mini Truckin' magazine's Club of the Year 2004, Dropjawmag.com Club of the Year 2006, and AcrophobiA presented P.P. with the Danny Rowe Memorial trophy at Southeast Showdown in 2006 (that meant a lot to us).

Community involvement:
Proceeds from Scr8pfest shows go to charity.

Could you define your club?
We're one big dysfunctional family that is always down to make new friends.

What were the best and worst moments?
There is not a worst moment. Only good ones, just some better than others! Probably the best, though, was when we realized we had become world famous without having multiple chapters. That's right: one chapter, one love, one family!

What would you say is the club's ultimate goal?
To make a positive impact on the whole minitruck scene, while we continue to produce the lowest, mouthwatering rides ever seen, and to remain a close-knit family for many years to come.

Club Lowdown
Date Founded: '94
Interviewed: Club President
Robbie Welcher
Members: About 40