How It All Started:
In March of 2000, Ernie had an altercation with Brian Goude, the president of FFF. He knew that he didn't want to join another club, so in May/June of 2000, he started No Regrets with Gary Stalling, who is another ex-FFF member, and his best friend. The two came up with the name for several reasons. The first reason is the obvious one, it was a small shot at FFF. They left FFF and had no regrets about it. Second was their lifestyle choice. They would be a band of dedicated minitruckers, and a lifestyle club-not just some guys looking for something to do on the weekend. To this day, they live life to the fullest, and live it with no regrets. Back in the day, they used to say, "If you're not going to show dedication to the club and its standards, then you need not apply."

What Does The Future Hold?:
More features, more covers, more parties, and of course, more babes. But seriously, as a club, they hope to show future generations of minitruckers that minitrucks aren't just for the farms, they can be beautiful show cars, and when built properly can look like art cruising the local interstate.

Club Lowdown
Date Founded:
May of 2000
Number of Chapters: 19
Total Number of Members: +/- 200
Website: (still under-construction)
Main Contact: Send e-mails to Ernie Macias

Major Accomplishments:
Multiple covers, and Lowest Club award at Forbidden Fantasy 2008.

Major Contributions:
We are the first club to have chapters in Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

Good Times:
Anytime they're together, it's always a good time. Taking home the Club Participation trophy at the Relaxed Atmosphere All Star event in '07 was also a blast.

Bad Times:
When they lost their beloved brother, Scott Childress. He wasn't just a member, he was a brother to each and every member. He was the Georgia/southern states rep.

Club's Most Important Characteristic:
N.R. is known as the kind of club that knows how to have a good time. It's filled with members with good attitudes and good personalities, who also build badass rides. One thing that many people point out is that a vast majority of the members sport N.R. tattoos. This isn't a requirement, but it does show the amount of dedication and respect the members hold for the club and what it stands for.

What It Takes
Full Logo

* A minimum one year of petitioning, exceptions are rare
* Must be voted in by a majority, from the prospective chapter.
* It only takes one person to start a chapter, that's why they're still "the big, small club"
* Once you're in, you're in for life not exactly like blood in, blood out; but they do take it very serious. If you ask to leave the club at anytime during petitioning, or as a member, you may never come back to the club.

Prospective (Petitioning)
* Four-corner adjustable suspension, juice, or bags
* Custom wheels, 18-inches or bigger
* Primer is OK, but not if the vehicle appears to be stock
* Body-drops are not a must, but they are a plus
* You must ask to be a part of the organization. We don't invite membership, the way we see it, a person must want to belong. When people are asked to join a club, they believe that makes them special. We want people to ask to join our ranks because they desire to be a part of a better organization.
* You can get in with a car, truck, van; lifted or lowered, but not a motorcycle