No Regrets is a club that you've probably heard a lot about over the last few years. Let's get something out of the way first and foremost. No, we're not covering the club because Ernie Macias, President and Founder of No Regrets, has worked on the magazine. He doesn't get special privileges just because he worked here. Rather, the entire club as a whole has grown a lot in the past eight years. With the quality of rides reaching cover quality (including this issue), what started as a small SoCal crew has now grown to span the globe.

They call themselves "The big, small club" because they have chapters worldwide, including Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. However, most of the chapters have less than 10 members. In fact, they used to say that most chapters had less than five members, but the last few years have been really good for them. If the No Regrets club could be summed up in a phrase, it would be: "lifestyle minitruckers."

Every member of No Regrets lives the minitrucker lifestyle, day in and day out. They're not just normal enthusiasts, who are into this as a hobby. Define that however you want, but what it means to the club is supporting one another during good times and bad; through truck buildups, and through the loss of close friends. They'll go to shows near and far, or just meet up and BBQ at a member's house. Either way, they are there for each other and give it their all. On the other hand, they're a truck club first, and they don't forget that by thinking it's all about the people. Trucks come first, because if they wanted to just be a people club, sing around a camp fire, roasting marshmallows, then they would go join the Boy Scouts of America.

All in all, No Regrets has seen some really great times, as well as some sad in the past eight short years. They recently lost a brother and member, Scott Childress, which was extremely hard on everyone. But as a club, they pulled through it and would like to dedicate this story to Scott.

Here's an in-depth look at what makes N.R. what it is today. For more information, check out noregrets.

History Of The Club:
Like many clubs, N.R. started with an idea. They wanted to take the best qualities of some of the best clubs in the nation, then make it their own. Ernie Macias was influenced by a few clubs, such as Negative Camber, Severed Ties, and Relaxed Atmosphere. He liked how N.C. had such high standards, how Severed Ties has quality rides, but still manages to remain true to itself and its old-skool roots; and how Relaxed Atmosphere is so down-to-earth and laid back. Combining the good qualities of "the big three," N.R. is old-skool, with most chapters holding monthly meetings, and still running painted logos. They're also a laid-back group. You can always find an N.R. member with a cold brew in hand, relaxing under a canopy at a show, all with a smile on his or her face. And holding to their standards, they don't make it impossible to join, but they do make it a challenge.