Q. What is the rumor about "Shoeless Phil?"
A. Shoeless Phil was years and years ago. I don't know why, but I walked around Carlisle All Truck Nats without shoes, fighting the heat, rocks, and other unknown objects. I kept telling people to look at my feet all weekend. To me, it's not all that interesting, but I've done a lot of crazy things over the years (chuckles).

Q. Now, for the golf carts at EOSB. Did you get full coverage, or just the basic liability for those? What is your going rate for the insurance for them ... you guys take good care of them, right?
A. I don't know what you're talking about. They didn't offer insurance, but I wish they had because it cost us more than $1,500 in repairs. I think we'll be on bicycles this year.

Q. We heard you were arrested at Pigeon Forge back in the day?
A. True, guilty as charged! Well, it all started with a challenge from Subculture to Low Rollers in go-kart racing. We all know rubbin' is racing! Right out of the gate, I took off and spun around backwards for a little head-on action. Then, after a little crashin' and rubbin', the staff became mad, so by this time they kicked us out.

I continued on backwards for at least 3 minutes after everyone was off, and with the assistance of another LR member, we finally decided it was time to exit. So, we pulled in and I rammed the cars that were all parked, and ran to the front car and took off again.

Unfortunately, by this time the cops were en route. So after a lap, I got off and as I got through the place and into the parking lot, Danielle Lee told me, "Phil, run!" So I took off-yeah, fat me running-they closed off the gates to the place and the cops were pulling in right as I went running up the hill. Then I heard: "Get on the ground!" shouted at me with guns drawn.

They put me in the back of the car and took me back to the Go Kart Establishment to meet my friends that were in custody. It seems someone stripped all the film and tapes from the cameras. Daniel had the tape tucked next to his sack 'o' beans and they didn't check there. So, after no proof and no one able to press charges, and a few obscene gestures to the manager when the cop's back was turned, we were set free to go about our happy ways.

All in all, I wasn't arrested, got my tape back (with a few pubic hairs on it), and a hell of a memory. It was a blast! Thanks, Daniel, for the cover, bro. I owe you!

Mind you, this was eight years ago. Now I'm responsible Phil. Have fun, but don't destroy other people's stuff!

That's it from 2008 presidential candidate, Phil Fowler! In case you're wondering how the presidential candidate joke (and T-shirt campaign) got started from, it's actually just a little inside joke from the folks over at Drop 'Em Wear? clothing. Stay tuned to find out who we get the dirt on for next month!