Time to head back to the dirty, dirty. It's been a couple of years since I've been down to the good ol' dirty South, but man I miss it! Many of my closest friends from out of state reside in the few states surrounding the area, and having won Show of the Year, what better excuse to go out and stretch my legs, than check out one of Mississippi's biggest and best shows?

What could possibly make an expedition across the country any better? As luck would have it, my Japanese buddy,Makoto, will be along for the ride! Oh yeah, it's going to be an awesome show, for sure. We've already lined up a few amazing trucks to bring to you guys in the next few issues, so all I have to do now is make it through the next week, wrap up the current issue we're working on, and then head to the airport at 4 a.m. (Ha, ha and I'm not a morning person, thanks Greg!)

Since I've never attended Scrapin' the Coast, myself, all I have to build my high expectations on are from the words of friends. And if they're even halfway true, then I know we're truly in for a treat. I'll be completely honest: after attending hundreds of shows in the last 10 years, it can get rather routine, and sometimes it's hard to get excited about going to another show. It's true, we do see the same trucks over and over, and the monotony can get to us just like anything else.

But as a close friend recently told me, "It's all about your friends and the people you surround yourself with." Those who know me, know I can have a good time just about anywhere, anytime. So once again, rather than thinking of it as work, or just another truck show, I'll be surrounded with friends I haven't seen in awhile, and we'll be living it up Mississippi-style. See you guys soon! -L888888