Ticket Of The Month
Since Editor Mike Alexander has been the recipient of several tickets lately, we wanted to try and lift his spirits by showing him that he isn't the only minitrucker to get the smack-down from Johnny Law.

While attending the Carlisle All Truck Nationals, Stephen Deleon Jr. did a dumb thing: he got caught draggin'. As he was out doing a little cruising, he decided to put frame to pavement right in front of one of Pennsylvania's Finest and was lit up faster than Paris Hilton leaving her local bar. Officer Porkchop cited him for careless driving stating "did drive vehicle on roadway, dragging the rear end, and throwing sparks with other traffic present." Sounds to us like he should have been cited for exhibition of dragging.

Don't feel bad, Stephen, the fine you received is the same as a first-time offense of a window tint ticket in Southern California. Oh ya, and Mike, I won't tell anyone about "the frame being too high" ticket you got.

Great Threads
Lo Gear Apparel has recently released its new line of minitruck lifestyle gear. There are 24 designs for the guys, gals, and the little ones. It also offers hoodies, hats, and beanies. The Lo Gear Apparel is done with high-quality printing, which you will find out when you order one, and printed on a high-quality T-shirt. For more info on this new line of shirts, check out logearclothing.com.

Cool DVDs
This month, we bring you the long-awaited Havoc DVD. It'll take you behind the scenes of your favorite magazines and give a little glimpse of what we editors do on the job. But don't be fooled by the hijinks and antics that you see in the video, there is another side of being an editor. Fortunately for you, that footage was deemed cruel and unusual punishment to anyone who views it, and was promptly confiscated by the CDC. Seriously though, the video has more than an hour of Havoc event coverage, photo shoots, and editor interviews. You can order a copy through minitruckinweb.com, or send an e-mail to eddy.cebreco@sourceinterlink.com, and tell Eddy we said "Hi."