Ever since I was a wee tyke, riding around in my slightly modified tricyle, I've always been-shall we say-artistically inclined. That's a nice way of saying, I've always loved art, detail, fabrication, tattoos, and anything to do with creative outlets of expression. However, I've never quite had the skill to do any of it as well as the pros. I can't draw a stick figure to save my life, but I can envision the craziest mods on a vehicle in my head all day long. I can't photoshop my buddy's face onto a woman's body just to make fun of him (yes, they've done that to me before). But, I can look at the horizon and picture the most amazingly composed painting, photograph, or a rendition of that exact moment of nature's beauty in a million different ways.

Some would say it's a curse, being given the love and passion for art, photography, fabrication, and so on-without the actual skills to pursue this passion. But through photographing trucks throughout the last 6 years, and while learning from my peers and mentors, who were both in this industry and others, I have almost gotten to the point where I can say I'm proud to have a skill that I can use to express my creative passions in life. I say almost, because every time I click the shutter closed I learn something new. Every time I see another person's amazing work, I learn something new.

That's the thing about art, it's purely expression and opinion based. As long as you like what you're seeing, then that particular piece speaks to you. So, for this very reason, I've developed a love for the art of photography and admire all of those who practice this art, and hope to learn more as each day shows me another gorgeous sunset. I just wanted to take the time to thank all of those people who have given me this chance to find another way to love life and all the things that surround us everyday.

So look around, grab your camera, pencil, computer, welder, or whatever way your talents are expressed, and show the world what you're made of. After all, this is the whole reason why many of us build such amazing trucks-through passion to express ourselves!

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