It seems all I've been writing about lately is change. Things have beenreally crazy for me this past year, and this change is just the beginning. Since we print three months in advance, by the time a lot of you read this, the news will already be widespread. But, yes, it's official. My previous partner in crime, Ernie Macias, left his Associate Editor chair to pursue a business that he started a couple months back. I'm super proud to see him succeed, as we've really grown close during the last few years. He's vowed to continue helping out here on the magazine when he can, but his new company will be keeping him pretty busy.

This change came at a fairly bad time in my life, as I, too, have a lot of personal issues that I've been working out. But not to bore you with my personal woes, rather let's look toward the good. For the first time, rather than starting fresh and having to train a new body for the chair, we actually lucked out. We've been fortunate enough to transfer over Associate Editor Galen Armenta from Sport Truck, who is a long-time minitrucker and has much to offer.

Galen's been involved with minitrucks for more than 15 years and has been in a major SoCal truck club for 11 years. Not only is he a die-hard minitrucker, which is the major reason why this switch will be so easy, but also he has been photographing custom autos for the last four years. Ultimately, this makes my job much easier, because instead of pending valuable time training another employee, we can jump head-first into melding ideas to put out the best damn magazine every single month.

Please join me in welcoming Galen Armenta to the Mini Truckin' family with open arms. When you see him around, make sure to say hey and give him just as hard of a time as you did Ernie or myself! He will be the new face and personality of the magazine, and with the show season already upon us, you'll be seeing a lot of him at shows nationwide.

A little side fact is that Galen loves to get wet willies, so if you ever get the chance, slobber up your finger and stick it right in his ear. Don't let his stocky appearance fool you; he's just a big teddy bear that enjoys a wet finger in his ear every now and then.

Farewell, Ernie. We wish you the best! And welcome aboard, Galen. It's going to be a fun ride.