Anything you would like to add?
First, I would like to address the ongoing stigma minitruckers have had. The double standard. You never see a street rodder being hassled like a minitrucker, even though they have the same "illegal" body mods. Have you ever seen a street rodder pulled over for "no front plate" or window tinting? That is a double standard. Minitruckin' is the cornerstone of customizing. Rodders would never have started to 'bag their rods if not for the ideas of a few minitruckers. Incredible use of paint would not be on rods like minitruckers have done. Minitruckers inspired that. Most people don't even know that high-end customizers of street rods trace their roots back to minitruckin'. Ron Mangus is one of those, for example. He began his lucrative career stitching up custom replacement seat covers and door panels for his fellow Datsun club members. Look at the metal fabricating going on today. What do you think that they are going to drift into building next? The talents and occupations of guys who started out fixing up a minitruck are endless.

Second, I envision a Hall of Fame for those involved in creating minitruckin'. Not those who bought their way into the sport, or because they were popular; but for people who busted their knuckles building their own trucks and forming clubs. Every other vehicle has these, why not minitrucks?

I also envision some sort of museum. A place where the plaques, club jackets, magazines, and photos can be safely stored and displayed. Everything has a history and minitruckin' is now pushing 40 years! Most people don't even think about that. Forty years is a lot of lives and memories just fading away or being thrown into a dumpster. Somebody from today's generation should preserve that history.