Jamey Jordan has been harassing me about answering some of his questions, so I told him to send me a list. Let's see what he has been wondering.

Q. Is there a certain type of shock that works best for the front of a 'bagged mini with a normal size wheel and lift for the average truck? Is there a year model or part number for a certain truck or car? That way, you don't have to argue with the guy at the parts counter.

A. About the only shock I use on the front of anything is a Bilstein part that is short and comes in different valve rates for different sized vehicles. Call Steve Duck (619) 328-5401 extension 109, tell him I sent you ... He won't even argue with you.Q. What type of shampoo and conditioner do you use for your hair? Also, how long does it take you in the morning to manage that mane?

Q. What type of shampoo and conditioner do you use for your hair? Also, how long does it take you in the morning to manage that mane?

A. Right now, I'm using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and Pantene Always Smooth conditioner and it typically only takes a quick brushing to handle this mane, no gel or hair spray for me. What I want to know is how "Shiny" Steve keeps his hair so shiny and smooth.

Q. In the front of a truck, when it airs up and the airbag tends to lean more to the center of the frame, and swell out toward the spindle ... by rule of thumb, how do you know when the airbag is no longer working properly?

A. By the Firestone engineering manual, the double convoluted 'bag can be mounted at as much as a 45-degree angle and the top and bottom plates can be off by 2 inches. So, the awkward looking 'bag mounts that you quite often see are usually well within allowable limits.

Q. What does Bio Kustumz mean?

A. "Bio" means life and "Kustumz" is just customs misspelled. So, Bio Kustumz means "life customs." This is pretty much the theme for my life.

Q. Are ya'll working on Chemical Formulas with Lowlife Mike out there? Is that why Steve's short and bald and you're tall and long haired?

A. One would think that, but Steve and I have been this way long before Lowlife Mike came into the picture, so he isn't part of the equation. It was a bet that we lost to the devil, he said we could start Bio and become really popular, but couldn't make any money off of minitrucks. We thought we could ... We lost.

Q. When tying in a back half, what's the best way? Sliding the new frame in the old one? And if so, how far should you go? Also, what's the best way to address the joints where they connect?

A. Sliding it in, butting it up, or building a crossmember and tying in to it, all work equally well. The important part is eliminating the stress risers that are created by welding down the frame. A good way to ensure that the frame stays together is to weld a diamond shaped plate over the weld seam.

Q. When does one become know as "The" before one's name? Also, when does one only become know as the full name, or just as one iconic name, such as "Max?" Is there a certain number of life-long golds that are involved, or is it simply the nature of what sounds the coolest for said person?

A. Well "The" Jamey Jordan, you would know as well as anybody how that all works. But, I am going to hand this one off to my kid, Bio Sarra...

Sarra: First off, it's just "Max" because Maximilian Joseph Fish is a bit of a mouthful, so we just say "Max" or "Max Fish." But, in my opinion, what it takes to have a "The" before your name is to be either Max or Jamey and think that you're way too cool for school, since these two feel that they are the only ones qualified to have a "The" when everyone who knows me, knows I, in fact, deserve a "The," but Jamey won't award me with one.
Max: Wow! I think someone feels unappreciated. Next time you guys see Sarra at a show with me, be sure to tell her how cool she is so her inner child doesn't die...

Q. Oh, and what's the meaning of life and why are we here?

A. Now, you know I can't tell you that ... They would kill me.

Thanks, Good Buddy, these answers will help me out greatly in my pursuit to take over the world! With your help, I believe it can be done.