The show has had many homes throughout the years, such as Saddleback Park in Anaheim, The Perris Fairgrounds, Glen Helen Regional Park, and the Rock-A-Hoola water park in the middle of nowhere. One thing that never changed, however, was it had always been held over the New Year's weekend. A weekend that no one in their right mind would think is a good time for a show. On one end, you have Christmas, and on the other you have New Year's Eve. In the long run, it turned out to be very successful for Resolutions. The show kept people out of trouble and in a safe environment for the holiday weekend, which is notorious for drunk driving.

Sunset is also responsible for West Coast Nationals, which ran for 10 strong years. Like its sister show, Resolutions, West Coast Nationals holds a record for the most trucks at a river three-day event, which stands at 2,570. That mark was set at the peak of river runs in 2000. This was also the year the river runs died for most in Southern California and for the rest of the minitruck community, too.

Holding 172 events under its belt, Sunset has probably thrown the most events ever by a minitruck club. Still, Bob and his dedicated members aren't through yet. They hold a yearly toy drive for the kids at Hillview Acre, which is a home for about 40 kids of misplaced homes. At this year's Resolutions, Sunset raised $1,233 for Hillview Acre, by raffling off a custom bike and a Resolutions banner. Bob said he still has some more tricks up his sleeve and a few more show ideas for the future. One such show idea is a BBQ-type show, where your entry fee includes all you can eat and drink-including beer and wine. Talk about good times. And knowing the Sunset guys, good times will be had by all. So, with the passing of a show, comes the birth of another. Let the good times roll.