A long time ago, back in 1975, when disco was getting ready to be the next big thing, and vans were still the coolest thing on wheels, a young man straight out of the Army, joined a club, called Westside Truckers. Back then, there weren't too many minitruck clubs around. But, Westside Truckers was one of the best in the Southern California area. About one year into his membership, Bob Hase, along with a few other members of Westside, came up with the idea to throw a show. Not just any show, but a truck run on New Year's weekend. After some discussion, they came up with a name, a name that would be later known as the biggest minitruck party of the year, Resolutions.

Unfortunately, Bob didn't hang out for long with Westside Truckers. In 1976, Bob left Westside Truckers, shortly before the first Resolutions ever took place. Bob decided to start his own club, a club which would be more of a family atmosphere and less rules-oriented. That club is Sunset, which is a SoCal based club, that would take over Resolutions in 1984 and run it all the way until the winter of 2007. Reso, as it's known to most who have attended the show, was the longest running three-day event in the history of minitrucks. It was also the first four-day event, five-day event, and three-day event held during a holiday weekend. It also maintains the record for most vehicles at a three-day event: 2,860.