That's right! Mini Truckin' is officially 20 years old. Our very first issue was the Summer 1988 issue, so we decided to begin the 20th Anniversary celebration in this MT Volume 22, No. 4 issue. Yes, I said begin the celebration, because with 20 years of history under our belts, there's no way we could fit all of the cool history pieces, interviews, and stories into a single month. This issue is the first of three sections to commemorate all things Mini Truckin'. Next month's Volume 22, No. 5, will be Part 2, and the following Volume 22, No. 6, will be Part 3 to wrap up the 20-Year Anniversary trilogy. We also broke up our centerspread poster into three parts. So, be sure to tear out the first section this month, the second next month, and the third and fi-nal piece of the puzzle the following month, and hang all three parts up side by side to see the cool 20-year poster in all it's glory.

Sifting through all of this history made me reflect back on when I first picked up a Mini Truckin' magazine in the summer of '94. I was just about to head into high school and I spent my youth daydreaming of the minitruck that I wanted to build to one day grace these very pages. I sat and sketched ideas down all day long, when I should have been learning Algebra! Who would have thought, one day all those crazy ideas and a passion for these little trucks would have brought me this far?

This brings me to a very important fact about Mini Truckin' magazine, and the scene in general. We have such a rich history, and we can all take pride in it, because our hobby has taught us much more than just body and suspension work. It's taught us about lifelong friendships, commitment, and dedication. Also, it's shown us not to give up when times get hard, but to push on. One of the most f a m o u s quotes in MT history sums it all up and still fits perfect, even to this day.

"We have become a part of something much more complicated than you or I will ever fully comprehend. We build more than just trucks ... we build friendships, we build futures, we build our dreams. We drive our trucks low and hold our to Us! heads high, because we have an unwritten and unspoken agreement that we will live life to the fullest and never fall victim to 'the norm'. Others laugh at us when we spend hours on end working on our trucks, yet shake our hands when we are done." Clint Walker, aka Wyatt Strange.

Because of Wyatt Strange, many of us received great inspiration from these very pages, via a few editors' combined thoughts voiced through Wyatt Strange. His capers and mischief will never be forgotten, and his sentiments cannot be recreated. In fact, we thought about bringing him back for this 20th Anniversary, but we realized Wyatt Strange and all of the people who wrote under the pseudonym (Clint Walker, Courtney "Tito" Halowell, and others) served Wyatt Strange the best they could, and we should just remember all they shared with us, rather than try to recreate the persona under a false pretense.

So, with all that explained, I just wanted to thank all of the past editors, who each covered such an awesome scene, and all the amazing pioneers and shops that adapted air shocks, torsion bars, hydraulics, and channeling to get us where we are today. Without all of the original guys out there blazing a trail for us to follow, who knows what I-along with many others-would be doing today.

Here's to another 20 years!-L8888888888