As part of our 20th Anniversary Special, we've decided to give recognition to some of the people who made minitruckin' what it is today. Beginning with this issue, we'll be putting together a Mini Truckin' Hall of Fame. Every year we'll induct a new history icon for his or her achievements and accomplishments. It won't necessarily be the guy who built the coolest truck, or the guy who made the most friends. It will be about someone who's made an impact on our scene, and the people who really made a difference in what we do today.

After going through all of our past issues and talking with people who have been around for years, there's a list a mile long of people who have impacted our scene and truly made a difference with their accomplishments. But where to start?

Since this year's Resolutions is the very last, our thoughts turn all the good times we've shared, and ultimately we have one man to thank. For his unwavering commitment to the minitruck world, and for giving us the longest running truck-run in history, we would like to induct Bob "The Old Man" Hase as the very first entrant and recipient into the Mini Truckin' Hall of Fame.

Beginning with Bob Hase, we'll be asking each winner the same eight questions to get a feel for what each person has accomplished throughout their lives. As Bob Hase has more than 38 years of history in his house, we've actually decided to do an additional feature on him. Stay tuned for next issue, MT Volume 22, No. 5, for our 20th Anniversary: Part 2, which will dive further into the history of Bob Hase and the Resolutions show.