Hardluck Of The Month
It's time for another installment of a minitrucker's worst nightmare. This month we heard from Steve, another guy who gets to cut up his truck; brought upon by all the wrong reasons. On August 13, 2007, Steve parked his truck in the same spot he always did, laid it out, and walked away. Thirty minutes later, some crazy chick slammed into it with a Jeep Liberty and claimed she hadn't see it. She slammed it so hard, it got pushed back seven feet, which is amazing since it was planted firmly on the ground. The good news is Steve got it back from the insurance company and now it's getting body-dropped. Good luck with the Blazer, Steve.

Only A Minitrucker Would
Only a minitrucker would have a wedding cake with trucks and cars as the wedding topper, in which the statue is holding an issue of MT mag. That's a lot to say in one sentence, but it's true. That's exactly what Steve Sopher did when he got married. The best part is the issue the miniture people are holding isn't just any issue; it's the issue where Steve's truck was featured in Under-Construction, the MT Volume 20, No. 4 issue of 2006. The wedding's theme was flames, so flames were on the garter, the ring bearer's pillow, and even the flower basket. Now that's hardcore.

What's In Our Ipods?
1. "Grindin'" - Clipse
2. "Like a Cholo" - Down
3. "A Bay Bay" - Hurricane Chris
4. "We Fly High" - Jim Jones
5. "Stronger" - Kanye West

Renderings Of The Month
Square-body madness is this month's theme. First, we have a very popular style in the squarebody Dime. The theme for this truck was simple: getting laid. Seriously, check out the graphics, we're not kidding. Our next two trucks are two Mazda's with nothing in common, except the manufacturer. On one hand, we got the desired four-door Mazda with a standard bed, on the other we have an extra cab beauty. We can't wait to see these trucks up and running.