Only A Minitrucker Would
Only a minitrucker, like Jason Wolfgang, would body-drop and cantilever a wagon. Jason didn't stop there, either. He also painted it black with custom flames on it. We hear it only gets 2 inches of lift out of that 2,500lb bag ... and really, that's all it needs.

Junior Of The Month
Exclusive Feature
Owner: Tabitha Buder
Make: Little Tikes
Location: San Diego, CA
Club: Forbidden Fantasy
Body Mods: Stock-floor body-dropped
Completion Date: Reso '08
Future Plans: Some big 6-inch wheels, powdercoated pink paint with Princess's written on it.
Special Thanks By Owner: Mommy and Daddy

What's In Our Ipod?
-36 Mafia - Stay Fly
-3rd Base - Pop Goes the Weasel
-Back to the Future Soundtrack - Johnny B Good
-Gutter Mouth - 123 Slam
-L'Trimm - Cars That go Boom

Renderings Of The Month
With the death of most new trucks, which we used to call "minis," we are seeing the revival of the midsize. The Chevy Colorado is easily the favorite among minitruckers these days. Here, we have three very cool future builds; a few of them are even scheduled to be delivered to this year's SEMA show.

Top 5 Things Overheard in a Parking Lot After Parking Your Mini
- 1. Why?
- 2. How?
- 3. What is it?
- 4. Girl to boyfriend, "Why isn't your truck that cool?"
- 5. How does it go over speed bumps?

MT Tattoos
Instead of rambling on about how cool these tattoos are, just take a look for yourself. Send pictures of your 'tats to