Well, we all know the old adage, time flies when you're having fun. But, man, this year has come and gone faster than you can say Mukamufamis! For the first column of the magazine year, I write about our end of the year awards and how the entire staff racks their brains to try to think of who most deserves the Truck, Show, and Club Of the Year Awards. And while some years are easier than others, it definitely gets harder and harder as the caliber of trucks built are pushing the limits. So, let's get right to it.

As always, there were tons of ground-breaking minis that premiered on our 2007 covers for the entire world to see. The level of feature and cover trucks pushes the limits of quality and engineering each and every year, and we never know what a new year will bring! In 2007, some of the most memorable trucks graced our cover.

We began in January with Mikey P's Little Shop Special, which had more body mods than a Playboy Bunny. February's cover featured Russell's amazingly clean first-generation Dime, which sported one of the cleanest motors and chassis around. From there, March was home to Shon Reece's Blazer, which represented the East. Our April cover sported Lukasz's one-of-a-kind Chevy Luv. After that, Koji's Hardbody showed us that Japan minis are some of the cleanest around. Going forward to our June issue was Farmer's bright Tacoma, which featured a wild Kolor Shoppe paintjob.

For the second half of the year, and wanting to switch it up, we shot our July cover on location at DIB Customs for a true shop and garage action cover with some cool under-construction trucks. From there, we saw another amazingly clean and driven cover truck in the form of Bobby's killer 'Yota. Another first for us was Scott Rupp's NL320 Datsun, which graced the September cover and proved that different can be done well! Yet another clean Negative Camber truck, Robby's yellow Ranger represented for the double-oval team. Taking it back to the days of big multi-vehicle covers, the Texas Special featured some of the baddest minis around. And to finish the entire year with a bang was Joel's Tacoma, which put the West Coast back on the map! Wow, and those were just the 12 covers.

There were also more than 60 amazing feature trucks that we all drooled over, month after month. Now you begin to see how hard it was to pick just one truck, one show, and one club that really shined in 2007.

So, be sure to check out Page 40 to see who took home the braggin' rights and the cool www.airbagit.com trophies for the 2007 Mini Truckin' Best Of Awards.

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