So, it turns out that all of my buddies who I've made fun of for years about smoking and not being able to quit were actually right! It's harder to kick an addiction than I thought, and my willpower is not as rock solid as I had expected. I have written over the last several months about needing to sell all my other projects to focus on my two biggest priorities: The Hot Rod Dime and the 'Yota.

Well, everything was off to a great start. I began to get rid of the other trucks, which were cluttering up my property and friends' places all along the coast. The Weekend Warrior was in great hands with Ben, and some of my smaller rust buckets were easily depleted. I was well on my way to focusing on work, family, and my two trucks, when I hit a road block. My willpower felt strong, and I had resisted many urges to buy that 521 off eBay. I was doing great, and both Ernie and I were helping to keep each other focused on the prize at the end of the tunnel. But, low and behold, picking Ernie as my T.A. (Trucks Anonymous) partner was not such a good idea after all! He sabotaged me and started braggin' about getting a Tacoma just to cruise around in as a 'bagged daily.

So, being the great T.A. partner I am, I instantly said, "Isn't that what the STK TRUK Mitsu is for?" and he said, "Yeah, but that won't be done for a few months, and I want to get something now." Yup, I'm sure you guys all know where this was going. After a couple of days shopping around, Ernie had a '97 Tacoma torn apart in his garage. At this point, I was more jealous than mad because I, too, wanted something of my own-besides the Desert Dragger-to tear up the streets. But still, I held out, by thinking of how cool the S-10 and Toyota are going to be.

About a month went by, then Ernie already had the Tacoma in the shop for a body-drop and paint. At this point, my willpower began to wane. Here he was, about to be rolling a body-dropped Tacoma while he was waiting on his other projects to be finished up, and I was cruising to work in a lifted tow pig. Weak!

Then came the final straw on the camel's back. Ernie took me down to Defiant to check out the body-drop and Josh's paintjob and after seeing the Taco on the ground, I lost all control. I couldn't take it anymore. So, without warning, I went to the dealership, handed over the keys to my Titan, and drove off in a Colorado!

So Ernie, while you sit and read this for the first time, yes, it's all your fault! And as all minitruckers already know, whoever was betting that I would have another project going by the end of the year, you can collect from your buddies, because you know me better than I know myself. Ha, ha! That's the moral of the story: Here we go again. -L88888888888