These days, it seems everyone's a critic. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is an expert on fabrication, photojournalism, magazines, engineering-you name it. Someone out there (who probably knows less than Paris Hilton) swears they know what they're talking about. I'm going to do my best not to bitch here, but I've held my tongue for far too long.

First of all, what we do is not easy, and needless to say, the magazine business is a thankless job. We work day, night, and weekends to put out the best magazine we can. And just like anything else, we can't please everyone. But the worst thing is, being the only magazine dedicated solely to minitruckers leaves us the pickiest crowd to satisfy! We have the most dedicated readership, yet it seems that instead of always finding the good in the only magazine that caters specifically to minitruckers, there's always "that guy" who goes online to bash the mag month after month.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and don't get me wrong, 99.9 percent of our readers send us positive letters and emails supporting the cause ... but, it's the .1 percent that goes online and feels the need to point out any reason they can find to be mad about the magazine, someone else's truck, or just something to gripe about to get them through the month. Well, if it matters, we here at Mini Truckin' care a great deal about this magazine and the entire lifestyle and scene, so it does bother us when someone purposely bashes on the mag. All I ask is to please think before you speak, or type, and just like everything else in life, try to find the positives rather than the negatives!

Just keep in mind, without this magazine, there would be much less minitruck coverage, because all of the feature trucks, enthusiasts, and shows-other mags don't cover half as much as we do-would have to compete against all the non-minitruckers for the same ink in those other publications. This would definitely diminish everything we all know and love, so please go out and buy the mag and support the cause! We all know nothing is perfect, but we also do our best to produce a magazine that caters to all types of minitruckers and everyone out there who loves this sport of ours. I can't say it enough, we love what we do, and we hope you do too! So enough of that. Just remember, we're here for you, and if you ever have comments or suggestions you can reach us anytime at Now go out there and support each other, the scene, the lifestyle, and the magazine! Please Drag Thru