Hardluck of the Month
While Bobby was cruising down Highway 231 on his way to Spring Fling, he had a bit of a fling with bad luck. Bobby's truck started to sway and he ended up cutting through a few lanes of highway, going through the median, and ending up on his side, with the truck and trailer in tow. Bobby and his brother were lucky to walk away. Oddly and luckily enough, the trailer never came off the hitch and only one strap broke. The Mazda in-tow ended up with minor dings and scratches and a smashed up bumper. He seems pretty lucky in that department, but just unlucky enough to be "Hardluck of the Month!"

MT Stickers
So, you want a freakin' sticker? To get your hands on the new Mini Truckin' stickers, you need to follow these directions explicitly. They are $2 a piece. Cash! Do not send checks or money orders. Next, you must include a self-addressed envelope, including the prepaid postage. It must be in at least a 4x10 sized envelope, because the stickers won't fit in the small envelopes. And, if you send those, then they will have to be bent, and who wants a bent sticker?

Mail to: Mini Truckin' Stickers
2400 E. Katella Ave., Ste. 700
Anaheim, CA 92806

Stick 'em where you please, then send us some pics to the same address, or email them to galen.armenta@sourceinterlink.com.

Go Ahead! Rip Your Roll Pan Off
Matt Sayers shows us what a ripped roll pan looks like, New Jersey style. Way to go Matt! Apparently, while cruising down the street and keeping it low, Matt caught something on the road and it did a number on his roll pan. It wasn't all bad, after all, it led him here to the pages of Mini Truckin' mag-the hard way.

Rendering of the Month
Two Toyotas and two Dimes, big wheels and big body-drops, what more could you ask for? Before you know it, somebody's going to host a rendering show. Just remember, it looks good on paper, but it will look even cooler done. Let's see how many of these go from the drawing table to reality. That's what we're waiting to see. We would sure like to get our hands on them when they're finished.

Junior of the Month
This month, we have two little tykes to show off. First, we have Seth's son, who is learning really quickly the way of the switches. He's sitting in the family's so-called truck. It might be a Civic, but it has a tailgate and air ride so it's a mini to them. Second, we have Andrew, who's being quite the little helper on his dad's Mazda B2600I. At only 4 years old, he's ready to roll.

MT Tattoos
Wow, we're getting a lot of tattoos submitted, and club logos seem to be the most popular. Tattoos and car culture go hand-in-hand, no matter what genre you're into. Minitruckers have always been known to stand out from the crowd, and we got a handful of them here today. Keep sending your pics to galen.armenta@sourceinterlink.com

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