It's a tough job, but someone has to do it! Ha ha, yeah, we get to travel the world and shoot the coolest trucks, the hottest chicks, and the best shops around, but believe me it's not always easy! We do what we do for the simple fact that we love to do it! We are as passionate about custom trucks as you are. We spend hours on end in the garage with our buddies, and months out of every year at shows all over the world to put together the most cutting-edge lifestyle minitrucker magazine on the shelves.

We own, drive, work on, eat, sleep, and breathe minitrucks. We're in minitruck clubs, and go to cruise nights, local events, and show our own rides just like you! In fact, I'm going to say it here for all to read: the main reason why so many of my truck projects are still in the works is because I spend so much of my free time (night and weekends) here working on the magazine, pondering each new issue and coming up with fresh ideas and stories for you to enjoy. Is it a fun job? Absolutely. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. But, we do make sacrifices, in both time and money. Editor is definitely not on the top of the money-making career list, but there's more to life than just money.

Everyday I wake up and am excited to go to work. I'm excited to see what the next crazy cover truck is that we're going to shoot. I'm excited to plan our big upcoming 20-year anniversary issue. That's right, Mini Truckin' is turning 20 next year, so get ready for a huge birthday bash and some very cool stuff coming your way soon!

What makes working on this magazine even more enjoyable is the company. It's hard to find someone as nutty (literally crazy) about trucks as I am, but believe me Ernie Macias is that guy! Every single day it seems that he and I fight over which one of us is going to buy whatever random 521 is on eBay that particular day. But we do try to keep each other in check, so our wives don't become any more mad at us than they already are. They have enough to be upset about already because we spend so much time working on the magazine; we don't need to add any more fuel to the fire. Yeah, we're sort of like each other's A.A. sponsor, except it's more like T.A.- Trucks Anonymous. And let me tell you, we both suck at it! With Ernie starting on his Tacoma, it's made me itchy again to drive another 'bagged truck (besides the Desert Dragger). So, lately he hasn't been a very good sponsor, and we'll soon be working on a couple more trucks side by side. But hey, like I said, it's a tough job...