Setup of the Month
Taylor Jardas of Midland, Michigan, has a setup that really made us wonder if we've put enough time into our own setups. This setup is so awesome, we decided to let Taylor tell us in his own words how it works:

"This setup is for a '94 S-10, and it uses a two-pump two-dump hydraulic setup with accumulators. It runs on 24-volts by using Optima batteries. Instead of using fixed-rate coil springs, I swapped them for a set of custom, adjustable, rate air-bag springs. That way, I can always dial in my own comfort level. If I want a softer ride, I use a lower psi in the airbag, or if I feel like riding a bit stiffer, I just run a higher psi. To make things easier, I have gauges set up to tell me how much psi is in my system, at any given time. The cylinders are mounted upside down, through the center of the airbag, and transfer lift to the axle-via a cantilever system. All of the lines are stainless hard-line and are hidden through the tubing in the frame. The airbags are solely for ride comfort and spring rate; they do not lift or lower the truck at all. All of the actual lifting is done by the hydraulics."

MT Cool Guy of the Month
We lost the information for Cool Guy #1, but just by looking at his picture, you can tell this is a very cool dude. What we do know is that besides being very fashionable, he drives a really cool truck. If that doesn't say cool, we don't know what does.

Cool Guy #2 you all might know as our fearless leader Mike Alexander. I assure you, he's not doing the Hokey Pokey, he's doing the old "paper under the rockers test" to Lowlife Mike's truck. I had to sit back and admire the coolness in which he does it; he's so cool he can do the test with his foot. Wow, way to go Cool Guy Mike Alexander. Way to hold it down.

Go Ahead - Rip Your Roll Pan Off: Presented by Grant Kustoms
We didn't know whether to put Justin Smith in "Hard Luck of the Month" or "Go Ahead-Rip Your Roll Pan Off" this month. It seemed he had a run-in with some pretty bad luck the weekend of Layd out at the Park. Justin didn't just rip his roll pan off that weekend; he also managed to get two tickets on the way to the show and two tickets on the way home. If that isn't crappy luck, I don't know what is. He told us he still had a great time and looks forward to next year. Justin, maybe next year you can keep it under 90 mph, okay buddy? And we wish you better luck in the future, too.

Renderings of the Month
Ford Rangers have always been popular amongst minitruckers; the only thing is not too many people are brave enough to tackle such a nightmare of a truck. These things don't exactly lay out without a fight. This month, we have two prime examples of show stoppers to come. If you have an awesome rendering you would like to share, please send it to

MT Junior of the Month
Everybody, we'd like you to meet Colin. It's unbelievable to imagine that at such a small age, he can already read. Here's the evidence as he takes a look at our Japan special. Keep up the good work, Colin. Make sure to send us a pic of that crazy minitruck you have in your toy box, too.

MT Tattoos
Kustomz Ink Klothing is our sponsor of the infamous MT Ink section. We figured it made a great pair! Make sure to check out for the latest on kustom mini-truck gear. This month, we show some really hardcore minitrucker love with Mini Truckin' tattoos. These are our favorites, next to the club tattoos. Does anybody out there have the old-skool logo? We'd like to see it if you do. We're getting enough tattoo pictures to fill out a new mag, keep 'em coming.

MT Stickers
So, you want a freakin' sticker? To get your hands on the new Mini Truckin' stickers, you need to follow these directions explicitly. They are $2 a piece. Cash! Do not send checks or money orders. Next, you must include a self-addressed envelope, including the prepaid postage. It must be in at least a 4x10 sized envelope, because the stickers won't fit in the small envelopes. And, if you send those, then they will have to be bent, and who wants a bent sticker?

Mail to: Mini Truckin' Stickers
2400 E. Katella Ave., Ste. 700
Anaheim, CA 92806

Stick 'em where you please, then send us some pics to the same address, or email them to