As I sit here and write this, I'm staring at a few things. One is the huge poster of the United States in front of me, and another is my schedule for this year. Both are filled with craziness that has happened, and craziness yet to come.

First is the map, it has two different colored pins on it, black and red. The black is for Mike and the red is for me. The map is filled pretty decently with black pins to mark all of the places Mike has been to through Mini Truckin' magazine over the years. I've been here about six months, and there are six red pins for me at this point: Blythe, California, where I shot Reso; Phoenix, Arizona, where I went to the Art of Noize show; and a few other places like Houma, Louisiana, and Las Vegas. The crazy thing is that my year is just beginning. By the time you read this, we'll be pretty much halfway through the season. But for me, right now, the season is just starting and I can't wait to get going.

The second item in front of me is the show schedule. It's packed with a ton of shows and a handful are for me to attend. Many of these shows are out of state. Looking at it, I can only imagine the fun times I will have and the tons of features I'll be able to shoot. The official start of the season for me was the Art of Noize show in Arizona, which took place in late February. For me, this was a great show because it meant I got to drive and hang out with the Arizona chapter of my club. The Art of Noize guys are known for throwing an awesome show, so I knew that I wouldn't want to drive some hooptie beater to the show. Since I still own my '66 Cadillac, and currently don't have a mini that is finished, I figured I would take the Caddy. Besides, Lowlife Mike had offered to pay for the gas and to have the car washed. How could I turn that down? And so, Lowlife Mike, Aaron, and I all jumped into the car and we headed off for our 400-mile road trip to Phoenix in style.

Along the way, we met up with Eddy Cebreco at an Indian Casino. While there, we decided to have lunch and get the car washed, since we wanted to look good during the drive. A few hours later, we made it to the show and the rest, as they say, is history. Now I'm back in the office and gearing up for an exciting rest of the year. I realized the last six months had gone by so fast, I can only imagine what the rest of the year will be like. Let's wait and see what's in store for us this year, I'm sure it will be packed with friends, minis, hotties, and cold drinks. These are the things that put my mind to rest, the mind of Macias.