Is 2008 going to be Mike Alexander's year? Well, as of right now, it's looking pretty damn good! Yes, I've been hopeful before that I might actually complete a ride and fulfill my SEMA dream, but thus far, it's been just that: a dream. After reading my own column, "Truckitis," from the last magazine, Volume 21, Issue 7, 2007, I kicked myself in the butt and decided enough is enough! I have renewed my motivation to dive deep back into my two babies, The Hot-Rod Dime, and the Dragged Daily Toyota. If you had read Ernie's last column about selling all of his Caddys to finish his mini, then you know where I got some of this motivation from. I decided to take his advice and clear out my fleet, as well.

Here I was, pondering how best to accomplish my goals of finishing both trucks, when it occurred to me that I must immediately set priorities and take it step by step. First thing's first, I had to find good homes for a couple of my most recent projects. The Weekend Warrior Toyota was just picked up by a buddy, Ben 'Da Pirate, who has big plans to get it finished. So don't worry, you will see this truck completed!

Now, with an empty garage again and a few extra bucks, it was time for step two. Hill's Hot Rods is a premier hot-rod truck builder, so who could be better to tackle the challenge of finishing my Hot Rod Dime in time for the SEMA Show? With the help of Nick Crouch, we've put the plans on paper to turn this Dime into the baddest hot-rod truck ever built-but with a minitrucker twist. So yes, it lays flat on the ground and on big wheels!

Now for the hard part. It seems that two of the most important ingredients-after the idea phase, which I'm always really good at-are time and money. Both of which are in short supply around here. Looking at the renderings, which are still being worked on-especially finalizing the interior so these are just rough ideas-gave me that extra push and made me realize that it was time to sacrifice, scrape up some pennies, and head out to Texas! That's right, we're going all out this time around. And, we'll be bringing you the buildup live from Hill's Hot Rods, including exclusive video footage that will be up on our website, in the next few months. So once again, wish me luck as we will be going at it hard. I can't wait!