MT Junior of the Month
Donald LeBlanc, the owner of, sent us this picture of his cute little baby to add as our Junior of the Month. This picture was taken at the Forbidden Fantasy Show, where the baby was showing support for his daddy's website.

Only a Minitrucker Would
Mike Jones, who? Mike Jones and Coty Jones have to be the most hardcore minitruckers out there. When they first met, the first thing they did was go to some cruise nights and enjoy themselves around the lifestyle. As you can see by the picture, once they decided to tie the knot, they knew they wouldn't deny their love for minitrucks and it would be a part of their wedding. That has to be one of the coolest wedding cakes we've ever seen. I think the coolest thing is how the cake is so accurate; it has every detail down to the primer spots. I can't wait to hear what they name their kids.

The other "oddity" that we have is this custom lawn mower. Who slams, paints, and puts white walls on a lawn mower? Only a minitrucker with a lot of time on their hands. Send your submissions of Only a Minitrucker Would to:, or you can snail-mail them to:

2400 E. Katella Ave.
Ste. 700
Anaheim, CA 92806

Renderings of the Month
Alright, so we finally changed it to "Renderings," as in the plural, you know, more than one. Why? We receive so many cool renderings each month, it's too hard to pick just one. For this issue, we received a challenge for the Chad Lucas Pathfinder and a Nissan Hardbody, dubbed Star Struck, being built by yet another lady. Lastly, we have Sergio's Tacoma, which brings you that old-skool flavor.

MT Tattoos
We've been receiving more and more pictures of minitruck-related tattoos than ever. In this issue, we give you one club logo, (those seem to be very popular) and four tattoos of trucks. The dedication some people are showing is outstanding. Keep 'em coming. You can send your pictures to

Chop This!
Got any cool Photoshop pics that aren't trucks? We'd like to check them out. This month, Rick and Moses are caught munching on some Mickey D's.

Lowest Truck of the Month
Chris Allred of Pierson, Michigan, owns this '90 Nissan 'dropped and chopped, and he is the recipient of our Lowest Truck of the Month award. Keep an eye out for more on this truck in a future issue of MT. If you think you're lower than this, send us your submissions to, or use the address under "Only a Minitrucker Would," on page 88.