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Editor's Note: When it comes to chassis and suspension, there are a few people whom we trust enough with our lives, and Max Fish is at the top of that list. As the owner of Bio Kustumz, Max has studied suspension for over a decade and has perfected many aspects of what all minitruckers should strive for-both form and function in an adjustable suspension. Not only is Max an engineering genius, but he actually has a great personality, to boot. So, we decided to team up with him, and have a little fun while answering some of your most difficult questions. Each month, the baffling Max might just write about how he likes to sabotage Lowlife Mike's beer with Visine, or he might actually teach us all something useful. You'll just have to wait and see! So here he is, the man, the myth, the legend: Max Fish.

For those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Max Fish. I own Bio Kustumz in Hemet, California, and it has been my primary source of income for 10 years, as of this August. It has been more of a nuisance than one would expect. (I'll talk more about that in another issue.) So, what makes me so special as to have my own column? Well, for starters, I know the exact location of the lost city of Atlantis, I found the cure for the common cold, and I know the answer to the divine question of why we are here. The only problem is that I'm not allowed to tell anybody, so no one can actually know why I am so cool. The truth of the matter is, I enjoy my work so much that I just about begged for this opportunity to share my thoughts with you guys and girls every month.

I'm not going to claim to be the most hardcore minitrucker; I don't even own a minitruck. Well, at least not one with plans to be 'bagged and body-dropped yet. But, I can say that I have been there through the thick of it. Shoot, I remember when...The Chop Shop ruled the industry, Brian Jendro was a god, and we all drank from his sweet inspiration. Import cars were just barely hitting the scene and heading out to a truck run at La Paz was a good as it got... Many things have changed in this small niche of ours, and I am pleased to say that one of the biggest things has been the quality of work coming out lately. Many of the trucks that are built today are absolutely state-of-the-art compared to the top trucks of yesterday, and I am proud to be a part of it all.

I have written several articles in this magazine, as well as others, about chassis and suspension design, which is my specialty. And more often than I can count, I have been asked where I learned everything that I know. Well, I am a total nerd! I read everything I could get my hands on, and then I reread it again. The fact that the shop is mine allowed me to test my theories and see how they held up in the real world. As instructed, I will be sharing much of my findings with you, and if you have any specific questions you would like answered, email me and we will see what we can come up with.

I hope that I can add something important to this magazine each month. Shoot, you may even look forward to reading my column... stranger things have happened!