Hardluck of the Month
Danny Loudermilk, who resides in the great state of Texas, has the worst damn luck possible. It all started when his '99 Ford Ranger was stolen on August 30, 2006. Danny and his buddies busted their butts to help the Police department look for his truck. Well, Danny's luck sort of paid off when he received some leads and he got the truck back on September 6, 2006. The only problem was, the truck was trashed. Apparently, some losers had been joy riding in it and pretty much messed up the entire suspension setup. So, Danny decided to fix the truck and work on it for a few weeks to make it road-worthy once again. On September 22, 2006 the truck was finally on the road again, and everything was on the up and up. The next day, Danny decided to take his homie out for a ride, when suddenly a truck pulled out in front of him and he broadsided it at an intersection. The result was a totaled Ford Ranger and a pissed off minitrucker. Let's hope that things have changed for Danny since then.

MT Cool Guy of the Month
This month, Max Fish, the owner of Bio Kustoms, shows us "The Angry Chihuahua" pose as made famous by Lowlife Mike. Man that's scary, wow. Also strutting their black socks with chucks-because you know that's cool-is the two B's: Brandon from Gator Drag and Brandon from Crime Pays video. Now that the show season is in full swing, keep an eye out for the cameras cruising your local shows. We just might catch you in the act of some seriously crazy cool guy stuff. Send your cool guy/cool girl poses and antics to galen.armenta@sourceinterlink.com. You never know, we might get you discovered and you could end up with your own MTV reality show.

Go Ahead - Rip Your Roll Pan Off: Presented by Grant Kustoms
There are two things going on in Bowling Green, Kentucky, this year. First is Whistlefish from Vaperz CC, who will be ripping his roll pan over and over again, just like he did in these pictures he sent us. The second thing is he'll now have an even better reason to do so, because Havoc will now be held in his hometown. So Whistlefish, make sure and save some of that good ol' fashioned dragging for us when we come in to town in August.

Rendering of the Month
What you see here is a Frontier and a Taco, two trucks that will devastate the show field when they are finished. What we can tell by the renderings is that both will be low and bring new flavor to the mix. Check out the roll- down back window on the Taco, that's a mod that's gonna get the judges spinning on their heads. Or, that there are Xterra headlights on a Fro, woo-wee. Keep those renderings coming, we can't get enough. Besides, where do you think we get our ideas from? Just kidding.

MT Tattoos
Minitruckers are serious when it comes to ink and we love it here at MT. Club tattoos seem to be on the rise, and they also show some real pride. This month, we got some crazy dudes with some crazy club tats, a really cool Sawzall, and a crazy dragging Frontier. Send your favorite 'tat photos to galen.armenta@sourceinterlink.com to earn your spot in the famous MT Lyfestyle pages. Kustomz Ink Klothing is our sponsor of the famous MT Ink section. We figured it made a great pair! Make sure to check out www.kustomzink.com for the latest on kustom mini-truck gear.

MT Stickers
So, you want a freakin' sticker? To get your hands on the new Mini Truckin' stickers, you need to follow these directions explicitly. They are $2 a piece. Cash! Do not send checks or money orders. Next, you must include a self-addressed envelope, including the prepaid postage. It must be in at least a 4x10 sized envelope, because the stickers won't fit in the small envelopes. And, if you send those, then they will have to be bent, and who wants a bent sticker?

Mail to: Mini Truckin' Stickers
2400 E. Katella Ave. Ste. 700
Anaheim, CA 92806

Stick 'em where you please, then send us some pics to the same address, or email them to galen.armenta@sourceinterlink.com.