Well, I just got back from the doctor, and I have been officially diagnosed with Truckitis. Yes my friends, this disease is real! It affects many of us, and in some can even be fatal-especially if I keep buying hunks of junk and my wife has anything to do with it. Ha ha. My first symptoms began at an early age, when I was going to my very first shows, and day dreaming about customs. But the infliction slowly grew to an ever-increasing disease that consumed all of my money and time.

It never really occurred to me that it was much of a problem. Rather, I always just considered it a passion. But this week, it officially became a "problem," and the first step to recovery is admitting that there is indeed a problem. So, no more denial for me, I'm openly admitting to my disease. Here's how it all went down:

Of course, I've been working on my two biggest projects, the S-10, and the Dragged Daily 'Yota, but it didn't stop there. I picked up another Toyota to have something clean and 'bagged to drive everyday-aka the Weekend Warrior. At first, of course, I said: "Let's just keep it simple, and clean it up to drive it." A minitrucker's famous last words, right? So, it was fully back-halved, fuel cell, layin' frame, and completely ripped back apart to body-drop it for the Forbidden Fantasy Show-to hopefully beat Finnegan on our little side bet.

But again, that was only the beginning, because not only did that bring my truck total to four at this point, including the tow pig Nissan Titan, the S-10, and both Toyotas-but I still itched for more! Going overseas and seeing all of the insane old-skool rides, such as Toyota Stouts, and Datsun 521s, really made me want to start on one of them. But rather than focus my time and money on the other two major projects I had going, I picked up a Toyota Stout, and a Chevy Luv last year. Crazy, right?

Well, again, that was just the beginning. My buddy, Tyson, had just bought a trailer and dually, so being the nice guy I am, and knowing he needed a couple of rides to test the new tow setup out, I was more than willing to oblige him. In fact, it was almost three weekends straight of picking up new project trucks.

But, as I looked at my empty bank account, the scolding look on Ashley's face, Bobby's full garage, and Ernie just shaking his head, it finally struck me that I am truly sick!

So, my Datsun 320 and 521, Toyota Stout, Chevy Luv, '62 Ford F-100 Unibody, and every other project are in a permanent holding pattern until we finish at least one of my babies-hopefully the S-10, and the 'Yota! And maybe that will cure me of my sickness, or will it just get worse? Only time will tell, boys and girls, but let's just hope that I can hold out long enough to finish one of my dream rides before retirement hits and Social Security is drained. Until then, wish me luck, and please Drag Thru. -L88888888888