At press time, it's the start of a brand new year. (I know this is the May issue, but for us it's still only January) And with every New Year here at Mini Truckin' we like to start a new tradition to improve the magazine that much more. We've already trekked all over the world with exclusive coverage from Australia, Canada, Japan, and many more to come; so for this New Year, we are dedicating more time and man power to covering every state in the U.S.! That's right, we're on the hunt for new shows in new states to ignite the minitruckin' fire in those areas previously unvisited.

On our "To Do" List are the following states:
-South Carolina
-New Mexico
-North Carolina
-West Virginia
-North Dakota
-The Northeast (we'll count the 8 small states as one)
-South Dakota
(These are our bull's-eye states)

So, here's what we need from you: If you've been to a show, throw a show, or have any tips and/or information on the minitruckin' show scene in these states, please e-mail, as we'll be hitting up many new shows this 2007 show season! If you have a possible feature vehicle from these regions, then send pics and info of your mini, and what shows you attend, so we can make it out to your neck of the woods. No state is safe from our mission to take over the U.S. and light the minitruckin' fire anew! Join us in our fight to expand and grow the scene and to continue to build the baddest custom vehicles around. This is your magazine, so if you have any information, suggestions, compliments, complaints, pics of your ride, funny pics or stories, pics of your girlfriend, or pics of your sister (send those ones to Eddy, at then send them to And don't forget, we created an entire department in the magazine and online just for reader interaction, the MT Lyfestyle section. So keep sending in those Tattoos, renderings, hard luck, drag your roll pan off, only a minitrucker, cool guy of the month, etc. Just remember we represent you, and you represent us! Happy New Year. Please drag thru. -L8888888888888888888888