Hardluck of the Month
Omar Madera's story was so heartbreaking it almost deserved a page unto itself. Omar, like many minitruckers, gave up his life for his passion-his truck. Omar told us, "I missed all of my senior things including football games, basketball games and more. All because I had to work after school to build my truck." After many years of hard work, Omar finally saved enough money to get his truck 'bagged. Omar was then 18, and had two jobs to pay for his truck habits. Does that sound familiar? On July 6th, Omar decided to go for a trip in his truck; unfortunately for him, it would be the last trip he would take in his truck. Omar dropped his switch box, which led him to lose control of his truck, and roll it over. Thankfully, Omar wasn't hurt, but his S-10 was, it was totaled! All of us at Mini Truckin' hope that you don't give up on trucks, Omar. When we read your letter, the last few sentences sounded like you didn't have a truck anymore. We hope, in the future you will come back better and stronger with a new mini to call your own, once again.

MT Cool Guy of the Month
This month's credit for the cool-guy-look-at-me pose goes to Moses from Devious Customs. Here, he's showing us the "No, officer, that's not my beer next to me," pose. I don't think he can pull it off, but you can't blame the guy for trying.

Go Ahead - Rip Your Roll Pan Off: Presented by Grant Kustoms
Speedy has been a minitrucker since 1989, so you'd think a vet who had been around the block would know better than to rip his roll pan off. Of course not. You see, being the hardcore minitrucker he is, he still likes to make those 80mph passes laying down the sparks. So, if you were at the Midnight Fantasies show and saw this white mini cruising around, then you might remember what it looked like before the night festivities. Next time, take some pictures during the dragging. That way, you can remember the good and the bad times.

Rendering of the Month
Eye Kandy Designs is holding down the fort this month with two spectacular Mazdas. Different, is the name of the game when it came to designing these trucks. Once these trucks are completed, give us a holler because we know a magazine that just might be interested in featuring these two dawgs.

MT Tattoos
The theme this month is club pride and license plates. It seems that these days,so many guys are marked for life, it's insane. But all of us at Mini Truckin' love it, so keep 'em coming. Kustomz Ink Klothing is our sponsor of the infamous MT Ink section. We figured it made a great pair! Make sure to check out the website www.kustomzink.com, for the latest on kustom minitruck gear. The tattoos remain one of the most popular Lyfestyle sections, so make sure to keep submitting your pics to mini.truckin@sourceinterlink.com, to ensure a shot at getting in the 'zine.

MT Junior of the Month
This month's junior was spotted in Japan at the '06 TruckMasters' Show. Unfortunately, due to a lack of communication skills by yours truly, I didn't get a name. But this little girl sure looks cute in her little, custom-built mini. Her parents are taking their paper skills to new levels with this truck. I think, besides her adorable look, the next best thing would have to be the removable top. I wish all mods could be accomplished this easily. I wonder if I can cut my handles out with some scissors...hmm.

Product of the Month
This month's product of the month is different. It's more of a "Only a minitrucker would!" You've probably heard of people slamming golf carts, food carts, and wagons. I've even seen people lower their mailboxes. But how many people do you know who have lowered their tool boxes? Well, that's exactly what Ron LaDieu did to his co-workers tool box. One day, Ron just had to get back at him for all of the lowrider jokes he was saying. The best part is anybody can do it. It looks simple enough, and think of how funny it's going to look to your non-minitrucker friends, or just to get back at somebody.