Hardluck of the Month
Rhonda Daley was minding her own business, cruising down the street in her '98 Ford Ranger, when suddenly, a drunk driver came barreling down the highway at her. She only had a second to react, but that second was enough for her to swerve to the left. It was just enough time to save her life. You see, the drunk driver was driving a Heavy Duty 4x4 GMC Sierra-and was definitely-exceeding the marked speed limit. Rhonda survived to tell her story with only a broken nose and a few bumps and bruises. Being a hard-core minitrucker chick, she spent most of her time recovering by reading, and then re-reading, all of her MT issues to get the inspiration for her next build.

MT "Way Cool" Mod of the Month
To primer your truck and call it vintage is one thing, but putting the face of a '61 Cadillac on your S-dime is an entirely new thing. Casey, who is a fabricator over at GO-EZ customs in So Cal, said he got the idea from friend, Mike Bach, on how to do this. It looks pretty insane but Casey told us, "It only took about two weeks to put it on-and that was only working on it when I had a chance." The truck is also sporting some Astro Supremes and a 3-inch body-drop.

MT Dance Move of the Month
This month's awesome dance move of the month is credited to an unknown No Regrets Maryland member. Here, he shows us how to "Ghost Ride the Whip" minitrucker style. It's important to only attempt this move with a body-dropped truck, so that it doesn't actually move. CAUTION: This move should not be attempted without parental supervision or Maryland supervision. Also, it's not a good idea to do it with a moving vehicle.

Rendering of the Month
If you keep drawing them up then we'll keep running them. This month we got two Toyotas and a Chevy Blazer. All three trucks are pushing the limits and bringing us some new style and flavor. Send us your renderings to get a chance to be featured in the pages of Mini Truckin' magazine.

MT Tattoos
The tattoos remain one of the most popular Lyfestyle sections, so make sure to keep submitting your pics to mini.truckin@sourceinterlink.com to ensure a shot at getting in the mag. Kustomz Ink Klothing is our sponsor of the infamous MT Ink section. We figured it made a great pair! Make sure to check out www.kustomzink.com for the latest on kustom, mini-truck gear. This month we have some awesome dragging trucks, a club logo, and the famous Drop-em wear, man.

MT Cool Guy of the Month
We know all you guys can't be as cool as Ernie is every month, but here's your chance at 15 minutes of fame. If you or your buddies strike an awesome MT man/woman pose, make sure to send it right away to the attention of Ernie.
This month, Mississippi resident and Negative Chamber member, Jamey Jordan, made two very special appearances. We also have Oliver, of Domination the Video, striking a pose of his own. So pose away and send us your best photos to mini.truckin@sourceinterlink.com.