Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Sort of. You see, today is the first time that I get to write my own column. I've been at Mini Truckin' for a few months getting the hang of things and learning my way around. So, this being my first column, I'm going to take the time to introduce myself properly: My name is Ernie Macias, and yes you guys should already know that I came on board here at Mini Truckin' since Mike talked about me in his column Draggin' Thru a few issues back. Because Mini Truckin' has always been one of the most important magazines in my life, I thought that I should properly introduce myself. You're going to be seeing me around a lot-not just in the magazine, but at the shows, too-I think you should really get to know me. So here's a brief breakdown of Ernie Macias, minitrucker:

1. I got my first truck when I was 15 years old, it was an '87 Mitsubishi Mighty Max sport. I got it from my dad. However, I never actually drove it. Instead, I went to a dealership in 1993 and bought a brand new Mighty Max-and lowered it a few weeks later. After that, I never wanted another brand of truck. To be honest, I did have a '97 Tacoma back in '99, but that was very short-lived.

2. I have been into minitrucks for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Los Angeles in the '80s, so I remember the "sticky-outies," convertible tops, targa tops, blazer shells, drip paint, rock textured dashes, and heart beat graphics. Who can forget building a mini over the weekend? It was simple back then: You would turn your torsions, paint your calipers, throw some blocks in the back, paint your drums, drive to a show the same day, and take a trophy.

3. I got into my first minitruck club in 1997. Thanks to my good friend, Mike Quigley, I got into Forbidden Fantasy out of Riverside, California. At the time, he was the president of the approximately 14-member club. I was in Forbidden Fantasy for about four years.

4. I'm the president and founder of my own truck club called No Regrets. I started this club with a friend in June of 2000. We're based out of Moreno Valley, California, and we currently have ten chapters around the world, including chapters in Japan and New Zealand.

5. I had a '94 Mitsubishi Mighty Max named No Regrets on the February 2003 cover of Mini Truckin'.

6. I'm currently building three trucks. One is a '95 Mitsubishi Mighty Max named No Regrets II, that I'm having Max Fish, a close buddy, build out of Bio Kustumz in Hemet, California. The second is a '94 Mitsubishi Mighty Max named STK TRUK. It's a weekend warrior-type build that I'm creating with the help of a few friends. And the third is my '06 Mitsubishi Raider that I'm building over at Devious Customs out of Ontario, California. I know, what a handful. Tell me about it.

As you can see, I'm very involved with the scene-not just here at work, but outside of work as well. To me, minitruckin' is more than a job. It was my way of life first, and still is. Working at Mini Truckin' with Mike is just an added bonus for a hardcore enthusiast. I plan on helping take this magazine to new levels. The way I put it to Mike when I interviewed was simple: Just like the readers, I'm a fan of the magazine. It's important to me. So, having an opportunity to work here is a blessing.

My goals for the magazine are simple: I plan on making it better each and every issue by helping Mike in any way possible. I will be doing most of the traveling, so I plan on meeting tons of new people.

Over the years, I have traveled all over the country and made a lot of friends. But, who couldn't use more friends? So if you see me at a show, don't hesitate to come up and introduce yourself. I promise I won't hit you with the Highlander Stick.

Besides, you might just like what you hear from the Mind of Macias.