Right after SEMA-one of the craziest weeks a minitrucker could ever encounter-I sat up all night in my office trying to finish this issue in time. This was one of the hardest columns to write, but it became easy once I focused on a topic close to my heart: my friends.

The more I thought about it, the best things I've learned and gained over the years, from truck knowledge and draggin' cool rides, to magazine publishing and photography, none of it compared to the lifelong friendships that have formed.

Now bear with me while I get super sentimental. Don't worry, this mushy crap won't last forever; but I really wanted to show the appropriate appreciation for the people who mean everything to me. We've formed lifelong friendships that started from working on trucks together, or seeing each other at shows; but most of all, we've formed these bonds because we all have something in common. We all love life and live it to the fullest. Every state we visit, truck we shoot, and dinner we eat, we share in each other's company because we enjoy it. Really, it makes this job less like work and more like a journey with some of the best friends a guy could ever have.

I could sit here and name a thousand people who mean the world to me, from my boys, Aaron Iha and Bobby Martins, to Ernie and Chad, Lowlife Mikey, Bob Grant and Matt Baker, Johnny O, Makoto, Eddie, Oliver, Dale, Jason, Josh Freeman, and Max Fish-I could go on for hours. But, rather than name off every single person whose been there for me through thick and thin, I wanted to dedicate my page to the bonds and friendships we have all cemented.

So sit back and enjoy all of the people who share my interests in minitrucks and have shown me and the magazine support throughout the years. I couldn't do it without them; I definitely couldn't do it without my awesome supportive wife, Ashley; and most importantly, my Main Man upstairs!

So just remember, when something's got you bummed out, pull out your photo album and look back at all of the awesome people and good times you've shared. No matter how rough it gets, or how busy we all get, we're here for each other, because that's the minitrucker way. Please Drag Thru!