Every single year at the end of October and the beginning of November, something very special happens in Las Vegas. As I write this, it's the beginning of October and the SEMA rush is here. People are going crazy trying to get their never-ending projects done, secure a booth spot, and make the mad dash to Sin City. This year will be a first for quite a few things. Many new-model trucks (including the Tacoma) will have the baddest of the bad representing who built what and will display some of the best products money can buy.

But it is also my first SEMA as chief editor of Mini Truckin'. Because SEMA is such a big deal (and this year will be especially tough with so many people to meet with and discuss editorial plans for the upcoming year), I decided against joining the mad crunch to make it with one of my own never-ending projects. Someday, I will actually be able to enjoy the fruits of so many people's labor and get a truck to SEMA, but for now that day will have to wait.

For us in the magazine world, SEMA is more than just a trade show. Yes, it's closed to the general public, but that's what you have us, your loyal MT staff, for! We'll be there soaking up all of what's new and cool for 2007, and we'll bring it to you firsthand. But because it is a trade show, the main purpose of the event is not actually a show at all...well, at least not in the general sense. SEMA's purpose is to bring buyers and sellers together to market new products to potential dealers. Even though we think there should probably be a day or two open to the general public, we do understand that with the 100,000-plus people coming from all over the world to do business, SEMA wants to remain true to serving the aftermarket companies' needs.

So, why is SEMA such a big deal then? Like I mentioned, we see it here first, and in return we bring it straight to you. All the new trucks, products, and industry faces from all over the world are brought together in 2 million square feet of exhibits, demonstrations, and vehicle displays. We'll be on hand hunting cover trucks and features, new products, and anything that might perk our readers' interests. So for us, SEMA is like the biggest hunting trip of the year. We pack up all our guns (camera gear) and go in search of the best game we can find. The average SEMA show turns up at least 3 of our 12 cover trucks for the year, so that alone gets us very excited. But we also get a chance to see what the coming year will bring the minitruckin' world in the way of innovative new products.

The amazing trucks on display are priority one, but the products that our readers crave run a very close second. I'm especially interested in finding products and companies that have never before seen minitruckers as a viable market to distribute their products to. It's these companies that might just invent the next airbag and not even know it! So, yes, I'm excited. I know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but that's half the fun. As soon as we get back from the long days and crazy nights that are the SEMA show, expect to see what we came up with. On average, I only get 12 hours of sleep the whole week we're there, so wish me luck! SEMA, here we come-L888888888888