Hardluck of the Month
Chris Wink is another unfortunate mini-trucker who's getting the shaft by an insurance company. Apparently, the dumb kids that ran into his S-10 can't take responsibility for their actions and are forcing Chris to have to pursue legal action. Sorry to hear about the situation, Chris. We hope it all gets straightened out and that the FBI gift certificate will at least heal some of the wounds. Good luck with everything!

Rendering of the Month
Once again, the renderings have been one of the more popular sections, so we decided to pick a Top 3. Many people have been sending in tons of top quality renderings for works in progress, so we sifted through and decided to show you the three best from this month. Congrats to Surface, Kutting Edge, ZRO Graphics, and Dezine Werxz. Keep them badass renderings coming, guys!

MT Tattoos
Kustomz Ink Klothing is our sponsor of the infamous MT Ink section. We figured it was a good pair. Make sure to check out www.kustomzink.com for the latest on kustom gear. Once again, it seems that mini-truckers are as down as they come, whether it's reppin' their club, their favorite magazine, or just our one-of-a-kind lifestyle in general.

Mini-Truckin' Clothing
For a great humorous spin on some cool automotive gear, visit www.showthredz.com.

Mini-Truckin' Clothing
A one-stop shop for all your mini-trucker clothing needs, check out www.minitruckerclothing.com.

Mini-Truckin' DVDs
Garage Tease explores the adult automotive style by mixing two of men's favorite things: custom vehicles and the ladies! This is definitely an "over 18" video, capturing some of the behind-the-scenes photo shoots that are sure to make your blood boil. If you like the ladies as much as you like custom rides, then this video is for you. Be sure to check out www.garagetease.com for ordering and more information.

Mini-Truckin' DVDs
Got Anger Productions is proud to introduce "Drops, Chops, & Bettys," their first in a full lineup of Hardcore mini-trucker videos. Super fast-paced and set to some hardcore music, this video definitely gets the adrenaline pumping. Made in and portraying the crazier side of the mini-trucker world through the eyes of super-wild mini-truckers themselves, this video is one to add to the collection. For more information, check out www.gotanger.com.

Product of the Month
The Evolution Series of air springs from Slam Specialties combines ultimate comfort with ultimate performance. With sizes available in 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-inch diameter and with pressure ratings up to 600 psi, these next-generation airbags really take you to the next level. Slam Bags are built to win and built to last. They use less air, fit in tighter spaces because they don't balloon, and ride smooth. If you're interested in superior ride quality and show-stopping performance, then you should definitely check out the Evolution Series from Slam Specialties.

Slam Specialties
5845 E. Terrace Ave.
Fresno, CA 93727
(888) 352-5225

MT Junior of the Month
They keep getting younger and younger! This month's winner for the coolest little mini-trucker is Brycen James Guinnip. At 11 weeks old he's certainly getting an early start. His parents, Jim Guinnip and Tiffanie Bristow, from Elmira, New York, are starting him off right, as the newest member of the S-clusive New York Chapter. They promise Brycen will be one to look out for in the future!